Pro Footballer: If I Was Ashley Cole, I'd Walk Away From England

With the FA branding Ashley Cole a liar, I think he has every right to vent his anger at the suits who run the English game...
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Chelsea's Ashley Cole should never play for England again. In modern day football parlance, his role in the England team has become untenable and Cole’s succinct tirade of abuse aimed at the FA should see his England career halted. Not by the FA themselves though but by Cole himself. If I was in his  brightly coloured football boots I’d being pencilling my letter to Roy Hodgson now, telling him of my lack of desire to play for an organisation that has failed to protect me in an affair  I wasn’t even the focus of. The use of the word “evolution” in regards to a change in Ashley’s evidence certainly marks a black stain against Cole’s name, suggesting that he altered his evidence to protect his friend and captain. His response may be ill-advised but it’s justified nonetheless.

I’d feel aggrieved that the wording of the statement felt like an attack from an association of which I was supposed to be an integral part of. The written report that came out today only served to be damaging to a player who, regardless of personal opinion, has been a wonderful servant to the country’s football team. Sure, this shouldn’t guard him from judgement if he has wronged but wouldn’t you think the FA would have been somewhat conciliatory in keeping the peace with Ashley?

I can totally understand Ashley’s frustrations because he has been asked to help the FA with their investigations but instead has ended up as a new villain in the whole depressingly sad affair. From being branded a “choc ice” to being labeled a liar, he must be wondering how it come to this. The accusations and subsequent clearing of being a racist, by the courts and now the FA, have done nothing to alter people’s perceptions of John Terry. Terry’s critics think no worse of him now than they did pre “black c**t-gate” but this should never been about Ashley Cole. His reaction may have poured lighter fuel onto the smouldering coals of this whole sage but his sentiment is right. For #BUNCHOFT**TS read “Dear FA, I thought you would have been more respectful of the help I gave you in your investigations instead of calling me a liar. Stick your 100th cap up your arse, love Ashley.”

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