PSG Want Januzaj: Here's Why Man United Simply Cannot Let It Happen

If they lose their brightest talent, they're screwed - it's probably as simple as that.
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PSG Want Januzaj: Here's Why Moyes Cannot Let It Happen

It was bound to start, eventually.

The post-January rumour mill has kicked in and French club PSG (with their Scrooge McDuck-ian owners) are looking to spunk £40million on Adnan Januzaj, the main man at Man United this season.

Like a shark smelling blood - only a shark who's decked out in couture fashion and is only a metaphorical shark because he's actually a large football club - Paris Saint Germain are, according to the Guardian today, looking to kick United while their down and snatch their purse. 

The Albanian-Belgian (possibly English if we beg him enough) playmaker has been in sensational form in the struggling North-West side this term so it was inevitable that heads would be turned and giant velcro wallets be prised open in search of his signature.

In short: if Adnan goes, United are likely f*****.

The Nandos-loving star has been given first team football immediately with the club not looking for another Pogba debacle on their hands and have given him the keys to the castle, allowing him - I say 'allowing him' but really, it's own of United's hands - to become their main man.

They won't replace the verve and excitement he brings to the club with forty million and they certainly won't bring anyone worthy in should they not even reach the Champions League. Those are just facts.


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