Qatar World Cup 2022: A Sneak Preview of Their Futuristic Stadiums

We were all gobsmacked that they won the bid but now they're hosting the 2022 World Cup, it's time to gawp what a few billion petro quid can buy. Just take a glimpse at these ridiculously cool stadium designs...
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With arguments still raging on about the credibility of the tournament and whispers being heard that they will dismantle them as soon as the last ball is kicked, those chaps behind Qatar's World Cup in 2022 have released the designs for their stadiums.. and to be fair, they're bloody amazing.

Not only do the stadiums looks spectacular, in both architecture and setting, but they're also worthy venues for the world's greatest football tournament, their capacities ranging from 41,000 to a whopping 86,000 seats. Each stadium is unique, and befitted  with a sense of grandeur and distinction.The waterside Doha Port stadium makes Portsmouth's ill-fated ship design look like a Sunday league pitch, and The Al Rayann stadium, with it's televisual display adorning the exterior makes Munich's Allianz arena look positively archaic.

Some of you may still be struggling to stomach the fact that Qatar was awarded the tournament whilst lying so low in the FIFA rankings, some of you may even be sleeping, fingers crossed, that old man Blatter's dream will fail and he will come crawling to dear old blighty for an alternative location. Come what may though, IF Qatar is the host in 2022, the stadiums will be spectacular.

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