"The Racism Thing... That Upset Me": Ex-Liverpool Suarez Denies Racism - Again

Oh mate, change the record.
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"The Racism Thing... That Upset Me": Ex-Liverpool Suarez Denies Evra Racism - Again

Brilliant ex-Liverpool footballer/terrible human Luis Suarez has told Barcelona magazine about his regrets and while he's awfully sorry for biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in front of the world, he's still denying all guilt over racially abusing Patrice Evra back in 2011 - talk about sticking to your guns.

He told Barcelona magazine:

"The others were actions when it was me who did wrong. I accepted that and begged forgiveness, but the racism thing, when I was accused without evidence, that did upset me."

"When I say I’m sorry it’s because I regret something. Being sorry implies regret. But [people] have also sometimes judged me on things that aren’t true, such as the racism thing. I was accused without evidence and that’s what grieved me the most."



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