Raheem Sterling Reveals The One Reason He Wants To Leave Liverpool

And it's not the money.
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Raheem Sterling isn't exactly flavour of the month at Liverpool this year. The 20 year old has made his desire to leave the club very public, in a series of decisions that have left the Anfield faithful seething at his apparent greed. 

The story took a new turn today however, as according to The Mirror Sterling has named manager Brendan Rodgers as the main factor behind his split with the club.

Sterling is apparently furious that the boss broke his promise to keep conversations private, a betrayal of trust which means the winger will never play for Liverpool again.

Sterling has faced the full wrath of the angry fan in recent weeks, receiving abusive texts and phonecalls after his number was posted online, and even dealing with fans turning up at his house. Many accused the youngster of greed after turning down Liverpool's contract offers and making wage demands far higher than his achievement merits. 

Sterling however believes somebody at the club is leaking private details and conversations, including the recent news that the winger would not go on a pre-season tour with the team. The Mirror reports that this breach of trust has happened at least three times, according to Sterling. 

What do you think, Liverpool fans? Is this too little too late? A cover-up to detract from negative press? Or is Sterling actually hard done by in this whole fiasco? Let us know in the comments.