RIP Theyab Awana: UAE Mourns The Death Of Football's Backheel Kid

The Bani Yas winger and internet sensation was buried today after being killed in a car crash on Sunday...
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If you weren't one of the 1.2 million people who saw Theyab Awana's ridiculous backheeled penalty in the 7-2 win for UAE over Lebanon in July, you undoubtedly missed out. That, of course, can be rectified by a simple click of the play button on the video above. Yet after his sad and untimely death in a car crash in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, the 21-year-old has been robbed of not only his life but also the chance to live up the hype and become one of the fist UAE footballers to seek his fortune in one of the big four leagues.

The Lebanon players were clearly fuming at his impudence at the time and, even if the bizarre movements of the Lebanon goalkeeper does leave a lot to be desired, you've got to have balls of iron to try a backheeled penalty in the first place, let alone score one.

Killed when his car collided with a truck on the notoriously dangerous roads in UAE, Awana was one of the rising stars of the UAE team who were in training for a World Cup qualifier against South Korea on October 11 and his profile had risen dramatically since the cheeky strike. The winger played for Bani Yas in the UAE, and was mourned today by family, friends and teammates at a funeral on the island of the same name that lies 5m off the shore of Abu Dhabi

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