Robert Pires: Arsenal Fans Love Me Because Of Spurs...

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Robert Pires: I Know Arsenal Fans Love Me Because Of Spurs...

Handsome midfield demi-god Robert Pires, he of luxuriant hair and cracking Arsenal career, has popped up with SkySports to weigh in on Arsenal's title chances. With all due respect to the Gooners, the title's probably past them this year so we'll SKRRT SKRRRRRRRT over that bit and head straight to the juicy bit where the Gallic winger weighs into why the Red very-faithful love him so bloody much.

“I love the Arsenal fans and they also love me and I think I know why,” he said. “I played 11 games in north London derbies against Spurs and I scored nine goals which I think is very good for them. My relationship with the Arsenal fans will always be special."

Spot on.


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