Rock Band You Me At Six Say Arsenal Should Spend £40 Million On Reus

We caught up with the guys from You Me At Six and chatted about Arsenal, FIFA 14 and hilarious tour moments...
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Rock Band You Me At Six Say Arsenal Should Spend £40 Million On Reus

We sat down with Josh, lead singer, and Max, guitarist, of You Me At Six, and talked football, music and drunken tour moments over a game or two of FIFA 14. It's been a crazy past couple weeks for the band, whose new single Lived A Lie shot up to number 2 in the charts, as well as being included in the FIFA 14 soundtrack - a prestigious feat for any band. Their new album Cavalier Youth is out in January, and it is set to be their best yet.

RL: Have you heard Lived A Lie on the FIFA demo yet?

Josh: No we haven’t, we were looking for it earlier but couldn’t find it. We were joking before; what if it’s not actually on the game, and this is all just a big joke on us! That would be heartbreak wouldn’t it.

RL: If you tell anyone in the office I was this bad at the game….

Josh: It shouldn’t be the office you’re worried about mate, it’s my twitter followers that are about to get told!

RL: The ironic cheers and boos from the crowd are wicked…

Josh: Yeah that’s a sweet touch.

RL: Stoke fans boo Aaron Ramsey on FIFA! I was at the game in the away end when Ramsey broke his leg at Stoke…

Josh: Really?

RL: Yeah, and they were taking the mick, booing him when he was on the floor…

Josh: That’s horrible. He was only 18 or 19 at the time, a young guy, and his career could have been ruined. It’s only now that he’s starting to come back properly…

RL: Yeah, he’s been our best player this season

Josh: Yeah he’s been brilliant. Well done Wenger for keeping the faith.

RL: Are you Wenger In or Wenger Out?

Josh: In mate. Always in. The only people not on the train are those who aren’t quite getting the vibe….

RL: What about you, Max?

Max: I’m on the fence, I’ll see what he does in the January transfer window.

Josh: Let’s just see how he does this season...

Max: If he can pull it out the bag in January... I know he has one or two big transfer targets…You heard who’s meant to be coming in?

RL: Reus?

Max: Reus, Khedira, and Bender… We have £40m in the bank and these are the three we’re apparently going for. Now we’ve got Ozil, Podolski and Mertesacker, they’ll attract more Germans to come in.

RL: Yeah, I think Reus is definitely possible. Every player wants to come to the Premiership, we have a German contingent in the team plus we have a German-speaking manager (Wenger is fluent)

RL: I booked flights to Dortmund for our group stage match!

Max: Oh you’ve done it?

RL: Yeah, I’ve booked Napoli away too.

Max: Yessss mate! Top lad. We’ve got a horror group, as do Celtic…

RL: I think we’re capable of coming top of our group…we’ve got some tricky teams but none that we can’t beat on our day.

Max: (starts game of FIFA) I’m still in a bitter mood after Josh smacked me three times back to back!

…You didn’t fancy playing Walcott up front?

RL: No I have faith in Giroud!

Max: He’s going to be one of our top goalscorers this season

RL: Yeah I think he’ll bag 15 or 20 goals.

Max: Oh, easy, he’ll get more than that mate. He’s scored every game this season, and pre-season too…he was mental in pre-season!

RL: What do you think about Wenger not signing a striker this summer?

Max: I don’t think it’s a bad thing, Olivier Giroud is going to be pretty good, it’s just a shame Podolski is now mullered…he was doing great.

RL: We’re in trouble if Giroud gets injured. But if we get Reus in January all will be forgiven

Max: Yeah exactly, Reus would do some serious damage. I’d definitely pay £40 million for him.

RL: Were you at the Spurs game? (Arsenal’s third game of this season)

Max: Yes I was, and it was phenomenal.

RL: Do you get down there much?

Max: As much as I can. Josh has a spare season ticket so I try and go with him

RL: So have you always been a FIFA man?

Max: I used to be PES because all my friends played it, but I’ve played all the FIFA games pretty much.

RL: It’s so much better than PES now isn’t it?

Max: Yeah 2008 was when it all changed, I was just like, better get on the FIFA train!

RL: Funniest stories from past tours?

Josh: That’s always a difficult question because there isn’t a funniest, as we were too black-out drunk to remember…(looking at Max) There was a time we took your clothes off and locked you outside the bus…

Max: Yeah…it was one of the first times we’d been to Ireland and I got blackout drunk. I fell down the stairs of the bus whilst trying to take my clothes off – I was that drunk. So I was butt-naked and the others threw me out the bus! And there were police there so I had to run round the bus cupping my balls, literally trying to avoid the police because if you’re caught naked you get a fine or even arrested. So I’m running around shouting “You f****** w****** let me on the bus!” I had to run to the bus driver’s door and he let me in, but yeah, that is a funny story.

Josh: We did a tour in America in April/May and that was probably the most fun in terms of us just doing dumb s***. We were with some bands that really like to party like us, so we just found ourselves getting kicked out of bars and stuff.

Max: The best night we had on that tour was thanks to a friend we had from a beer company called Pabst Blue Ribbon. He came down and gave us loads of beer and we basically did a joke advertisement for them with everybody in the band cracking PBR beers, dressing up and acting funny as hell. That was a good memory.

RL: Who were the best band that you went drinking with?

Josh: I’d say Deaf Havana from the UK. Good drinkers, they can power through and if you’re sick, you’re sick, and you just get on with it. They’re fun to be around. When we get drunk with them it’s more about us being stupid together rather than getting in fights and stuff like that. We have fun without winding other people. Or so we think.

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You Me at Six's new single 'Lived a Lie' appears on the soundtrack of EA SPORTS FIFA 14. Download the FIFA 14 demo version now on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Live Silver members can download from September 17. 

You Me At Six's 'Lived a Lie' is available now on iTunes.

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