Rodwell: Why Everton & Man United Should Feast On City's Sloppy Seconds

Modern-day sightings of the midfielder are rare - but we could well be seeing the his return to the first team fold soon...
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Everton & Man United Should Feast On Man City's Sloppy Seconds

Remember the long and hazy summer of 2012? The Olympics came to town, Psy's 'Gangnam Style' galloped across the airwaves, Jack Rodwell was England and Team GB's next big thing, it was the wettest summer in over a 100 years...

Oh, what? Yeah, that Jack Rodwell. Manchester City's waterboy and bathrunner extraordinaire was once a massive prospect - and, get this, people were predicting that he would be a pretty big deal at THIS World Cup! LOLZ, I know.

This season, Rodwell has spent less time on the pitch than the cute little mascot who invaded the South Africa-Brazil fixture. Poor Jack.

But there could yet be a twist in this tragic tale. Everton boss Roberto Martinez has been working hard on a deal to bring the leggy midfielder in from the cold, and a return to Merseyside could be in the pipeline following a nigh-on two year absence.

The Spaniard reckons that the 23 year old would slot in ever so nicely alongside Gareth Barry in the Toffees midfield - and there are encouraging signs that a deal could be imminent after the players' current boss, Manuel Pellegrini, responded to Martinez' telephone enquiry with a firm 'who?'.

But before Jack signs on the dotted line, perhaps there might even be more interest in his holding and hacking services.

After all, just across Manchester, United have been lacking in the middle third all campaign - and could do a lot worse than snatch their rivals' cast-off.

With Darren Fletcher's well-publicised injury problems, and Tom Cleverley's well-publicised Tom Cleverleyness, Old Trafford boss David Moyes might look to offer Rodwell a lifeline.

After all, the midfielder was the next big thing™ not too long ago, and no-one is more aware of his strengths than Moyes and his assistant Steve Round, who oversaw his rise at Goodison Park - playing alongside current United First Team Coach, Phil Neville.

With the possibility of no Champions League football surely better than the prospect of no football, Rodwell would surely jump at the chance to swap blue for red - and reunite with the manager who was so instrumental in his hitting the big time way back when.

The only question now is, would United fans be willing to feast on City's sloppy seconds?


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