Rômulo To Liverpool: Rodgers Needs The Brazilian To Keep Gerrard Going

Lucas is on his way out so meet the man Rodgers wants to protect Gerrard in the heart of Liverpool's midfield...
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Rômulo To Liverpool: Everything You Need To Know About The Brazilian Target

Liverpool, according to The Metro, want sign Rômulo. Among the many things we could tell you about Spartak's ace Brazilian midfielder is that the 'ô' in his name is called a circumflex. First things first, right?

A defensive midfielder who has fashioned himself quite a reputation in Moscow amidst a fashionably unfashionable league, the 23-year-old made his bones at the historic Vasco de Gama club. Noted mostly for his defensive abilities - naturally, you know, what with being a defensive midfielder and all that - he's also able to get forward, a leggy runner who is more than willing to put in a shift and lug his considerable frame about the park with decided vigour.

He's got the legs, then, to support Steven Gerrard, Liverpool talisman and Scouse demi-god, as the captain makes his transition from a box-to-box-er to a fully fledged regista. Lucas Leiva has sadly not regained the abilities he established before his injury and it looks only a matter of time before he'll be shown towards a big red door and politely asked to not ever come back.

Might we add that Rômulo is also a fully fledged Brazilian international, a pertinent point what with everyone and their Mums knowing that Brazil have that enviable ability to chose from 201,032,714 people (number correct as of some time in 2013), a vast majority of whom are proper into their footy, like.

Bet he'd be cheaper than Porto's Fernando, too - with The Octopus' club notedly stubborn and money-squeezing.

Anyway, enjoy the video above of the Brazilian's days at Vasco (it was the best we could find. Sorry.)


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