Shock Claim That Rooney Could Join Arsenal Or Chelsea

Leave it out Harry.
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Harry Redknapp has claimed that Wayne Rooney could leave Manchester United and would make a good addition for Arsenal or Chelsea.

Speaking to Betsafe, the former Spurs and Portsmouth manager gave his verdict on Rooney’s situation, with the forward currently struggling to get playing time at both club and international level.

Drawing on his own experience Redknapp said: “There have been players in the past few years, where they think they're coming to the end of their career, but you know you can get two years out of him.

“I did that quite a bit, I took people like Teddy Sheringham and Patrick Berger. They came to the club as top players and I got a couple of years out of them.

“They changed the football club around. I think Rooney is a player where one of the big clubs could take him and he could come in and give them that extra edge, someone like Arsenal or Chelsea.

“I would be looking for a Rooney and thinking this fella could come in, he is such a leader, he could make the difference.

“He may need a new challenge too. If he is not going to be playing at United, he is certainly not going to be happy to sit on the bench on his contract. He's not that type of lad.”

While Manchester United fans may concede that Rooney would be best served by leaving the club, we wonder if Arsenal and Chelsea supporters will be ready to welcome him. Is Rooney still capable of making a difference at one of England’s top clubs?