Southampton: 30mil For Shaw? Bite Their Hand Off & Sign French Flyer

Looks like Southampton will struggle to keep their star talent but it looks like they've already lined up a perfectly able replacement from just over the channel...
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Southampton: 30mil For Shaw? Bite Their Hand Off & Sign French Flyer

With it looking less and less likely that stylish also-rans Southampton will be able to keep hold of their coveted fair-haired full-back Luke Shaw, reports in the Daily Mirror have suggested that Pochettino's side have already lined up a move for Nice's Timothée Kolodziejczak.

Besides having a name that'll prove hilariously awkward for Michael Owen to pronounce in one sitting, the ex-Lyon twenty-two year old Kolodziejczak is a talented player blessed with beautiful pose and a frankly a little bit terrifying burst of pace that'll leave flat-footed new-promoted opposition defenders in need of a new pair of shorts.

The video above shows him receiving the ball on the wide left, bringing in inside, bursting away and sliding in Camel Meriem, who scores brilliantly. It was the best video of him we could find because the others were those awful slideshows and literally nobody wants to watch those.


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