Spend: Arsenal £0.Tottenham £110.5m Beating Your Local Rivals: Priceless

Spurs looked incredibly one-paced having three lumps in midfield while Arsenal looked vibrant, with Ramsey and the excellent Cazorla to the fore...
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Total Spend: Arsenal £0. Tottenham £110.5 million. Beating your local rivals: Priceless

How can a day get any better? Glorious sunshine, a great atmosphere in the ground, and beating a club that had spent over £100 million in new signings. They say North London is Red and there was even a red sunset to prove it last night. How’s that other ad go? Carlsberg don’t do derby days - but if they did…

1) Giroud has upped his game

With four goals in five games, the Frenchman not only looks in great form but he appears content away from the pitch too, certainly compared to some of his anguished interviews last year. His movement off the ball has improved, likewise his anticipation. He always got into scoring positions last season, even if he didn’t always take his chances. This season he looks to have added an extra layer of finesse to his game, as witnessed by the lovely dink over Lloris for the only goal of the game. The way he also managed to drag Dawson with him to avoid the offside was a masterclass in robust and intelligent forward play.

By adding this subtlety to his overall play he is proving to Arsenal fans that he is beginning to morph into the player we thought he was before we signed him.

The North London Derby:  plus ca change, plus ca meme chose. The more things change the more they stay the same. In other words the lads done good.

2) The BFG and Kos are Arsenal’s best centre half pairing

"We showed aspects in our game that people are not used to seeing from us; that means commitment, desire, defending," Wenger said. He’s not wrong. The defensive double act looked solid in the air, won the second ball when they had to, with Kos compensating Mertersacker’s lack of mobility with his pace. Their positioning was compact, and their ‘thou shall not pass’ routine, warmed the cockles of this supporter reared on resolute Tony Adams and David O’Leary/Steve Bould/Martin Keown combinations.

Chesney played well even if I still think he has a tendency to spill the ball that may cost us in the future. Although having said that credit where credit is due and his late save when changing direction to Kos’s deflection showed flexibility and a great technique. And as for his celebrations after, well, good on you mate. He’s still a baby in goalkeeping terms, needs to work on his decision making, aerial strength and punching ability - but anyone who can wind up AVB in a press conference like he did last year, and wear his heart on his sleeve by talking about ‘his’ club, not to mention celebrating like a nutter after the final whistle will do for me.

An attacking display of verve and intent by teammates familiar with each other complemented a defensive stability - through rugged and sturdy defensive play – which meant a glorious end to an uncertain day, as repeated Spurs counters were quashed under our stable backline. Marvellous.

3) Santi Carzorla is one of the best attacking talents in the Premiership, Rosiscky always plays well in the NLD and Aaron Ramsey is in the form of his life

The two footed Cazorla is rapidly growing into a real favourite of mine – and even if his potbelly stops him from tracking back his vision and flair are remarkable. On a pitch with supposed world class players in white he ran the show.  And every time I see our little Mozart Rosiscky play with such creativity, purpose and steel it makes me want to weep for the three years we lost when he had tendon trouble. And as for our Welshman – the only Welshman in North London now - well maybe Wenger does still know. He protected him last year when many were on his back, he was adamant the boy would be a good player once he freed himself from the memory of Lenny, from Steinbeck’s masterpiece Of Mice and Men. Or was it Ryan Shawcross? I always get the two confused.

Anyway, young Aaron is turning into a fine player. He has added dynamism and learnt that an easy pass is not a poor pass. He has added goals to his play and he knows the ethos if the club. I also loved the fact he said after the game with typical understatement: “A few people thought they were going to beat us today. We proved them wrong”.

With Flamini picking up where he left off in 2008 when he came on after Jack had “stomach issues” our first eleven is match for anyone. It’s just the rest of the squad.

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Over to you Arsene, Ivan and Dick…

"I am not against spending money," said Wenger. "There are 24 hours left; maybe we can surprise you, maybe not." It’s been a long three months for Gooners everywhere many of whom are not sure they can actually believe that one of the finest attacking talents in Europe may sign for The Arsenal. So let’s not go there. Let’s just celebrate the win. Until the transfer deadline at least.

"Overall their goalkeeper was their best player so that shows that we had the chances to win really comfortably." When Arsene says that you know we’ve had chances to bury the opposition.

AVB, aka The Wolfman was as impenetrable as usual too. In one of his google translate moments he told us “an attacking game it was, and we too”, before adding, “in the pitch at the end they had four fullbacks. It shows. Something I know it shows”. His glorious take on the English language delivered in a baritone so low it made my TV vibrate when I got home from the match and watched the game again made me want to find a reputable English language school for him. One that doesn’t involve attending a course that has young students handing out fliers for it outside Oxford Circus tube. That and giving him a strepsil for his sore throat.

4) In other news…

So it’s always been Monkey Boy’s dream to play for Real Madrid has it? Funny he didn’t mention that in the San Siro…

Did Jonathan Barret (Bales agent) really say on Sky Sports News when asked if Daniel Levy was angry at Real Madrid building that stage in the Bernabeu in order to unveil Bale the other week that: ‘he’s always had problems with premature erections”?

Songs of the day:

“He left cos you’re s***”. About Bale leaving of course.

“Where’s your monkey gone?” Ditto.

“What a waste of money”. To any new signing in white who glowed with ineffectiveness.

Quote of the day: Arsene Wenger’s dry take on the excellent Flamini: “I’m just sorry he didn’t cost £25 million”.

Tweet of the day: ‏@HayleyWright - Hope all the bipartisan North London couples enjoy their angry sex tonight.

Sterling work from @RedactionAFC with the giant Invincibles flag that helped to add to one of the best atmospheres I’ve seen and heard at the Grove. Even better than the first eight minutes in the United Champions League semi in 2009, both 5-2’s and, er, Brazil v Argentina in 2006. And we didn’t even need to be given scarves by the club to do it. Well done to every Gooner in the ground one and all. Although I still think the 4pm kick off made a difference as it means people can drink far more for far longer, but then that’s probably just my mates and me.

As for the away following. Well, I don’t know whether it’s the fact that you now have a few more ‘glory hunters’ – glory being a relative term with THFC of course - in your ranks thereby diluting the hardcore supporters - but we couldn’t even see you sing, let alone hear you. Very disappointing. But then we don’t need to tell you about disappointing performances yesterday do we...?

5) And finally…Spurs have a great partnership with Real Madrid.

When it was proudly announced last year after Modric went to Madrid that Spurs and Real had a mutually beneficial partnership in place I must admit to feeling dubious about the whole affair. Nothing I have seen has changed my mind. As far as I can see all it means is that they sell their best players to Madrid. Who then sell their best players to Arsenal (allegedly).

While we’re on the subject of our neighbours from N17 to be fair I think Hugo Loris is a very good keeper who kept the scoreline respectable. I think Vertonghen is a class act who I would have loved to have seen at The Arsenal. But after that?

Well, if the ‘new Bale’, Andre Santos is the answer I dread to think what the question is. A winger who cuts inside, albeit onto his stronger foot, once in a while is unpredictable. A winger who cuts inside at any given opportunity thereby denying a decent cross to his centre forward is a liability. If he is considered to be in England’s best squad I might as well stop saving for Rio now. Cos England won’t even qualify if he is.

“We’re Spurs we do what we want” sung a few meatheads to nobody in particular after the game apart from discomforting women, children and scarfers outside Arsenal tube.

Well done lads you must feel so proud. You are Spurs and you do what you want: Which as far as I can see involves you signing £110 million pounds worth of players.

And you still can’t beat an Arsenal team that hasn’t spent a penny this summer.

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