Spurs Fan Convinces Opera Singer To Perform Anti-Arsenal Song

Operatic abuse: every team needs a bit of it.
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Spurs Fan Convinces Opera Singer To Perform Anti-Arsenal Song

I hate Arsenal. I'm a Tottenham Hotspur fan so why wouldn't I? A few years ago I was kicking my heels between projects - I direct TV commercials - and I thought, ' I'd love to film a proper opera singer belting out my favourite, funniest, most profane anti-arsenal song wearing a Tottenham Hotspur shirt outside Highbury'. So the production team at Hotspur and Argyle - my production company - found a really good opera singer, got her a shirt and we set off in the car with a video camera.

When we got there the singer wobbled. She said she didn't want to sing the C-word. But I took her for a cup of tea and explained that this was by far the most important part of the song and in the end she not only agreed to sing it she turned it into a spectacular, climactic cadenza. We stuck it on YouTube once it came into being and it usually gets a little surge of hits around derby day. We called it Library Visit because, to quote another terrace favourite ' Highbury's a library'.

I still hate Arsenal.


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