Spurs Fan's Defiant Ode: You'll Never Take the Yid Army

After all the recent controversy surrounding Spurs fans refusing to give up their Yid related chants, one fan sticks a finger up to critics such as David Baddiel and makes a poetic case: the term is for all Spurs fans and it's here to stay.
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A Poem for Baddiel and Herbert from a Yid

You preach to the wrong choir,

Unheralded hurt our intent,

Y word adopted,

Lilywhite anti Semite hell bent,

It is us that must be targeted,

It is our army in the wrong,

Not those that are hissing,

Or chanting the Adolf Hitler song,

Euphoric Yid chanting,

A word not meant to disparage,

But a joyful camaraderie,

An all encompassing Tottenham marriage,

For this is our identity,

Historic and nothing new,

Shaped and formed by abuse,

Leeds, Chelsea, claret and blue,

Clever, witty and intelligent,

What better way to dispel,

To embrace an insult,

In order for hurt to repel,

We have taken the word,

Redefined it with good grace,

Yid now a compliment,

Your anguish is misplaced,

Look closer to home,

Where real evil is true,

Nauseating hostile abuse,

Deep seated hatred reins through

The real fight to be fought,

Are to those who disturbingly condemn,

To hurt, harm or offend,

Race or religion different to them,

White Hart Lane is our temple,

Where we congregate as one,

Irrelevant of colour or background,

We’re all Yid army bar none,

This is by no means to say,

That each individual is a Spurs saint,

But the use of the word,

Is not the picture you paint,

For it is a term of endearment,

A name we are all proud of,

A positive display of adulation,

Said with whole hearted love,

Surely context holds resonance,

For our identities word intent,

Sung with glorious fulfilment,

Not to discriminatingly pent,

Why not add a definition,

Instead of a word ban,

From derogatory term,

To proud Tottenham fan,

My heart is my Tottenham,

Yid means Lilywhite,

A positive description,

To defy not incite,

So keep fighting your fight,

What will be will surely be,

One thing is definite,

You’ll never take the Yid army.

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