Spurs Fans: Show Some Class And Start Supporting Our Manager

With Sherwood changing around our fortunes and leading us to what is a promising run in, fans need to show some class and support the team when we need it most...
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Spurs Fans: Show Some Class And Start Supporting Our Manager

Over the weekend I watched as the Liverpool supporters generously applauded Jonjo Shelvey’s goal against Liverpool at Anfield. I also heard a reporter speak about the Man United Fans reluctance to boo at either Half time or Full time despite some desperate performances. As a Spurs fan for over 35 years and a season ticket holder for the last 17 years, speaking from experience I am not sure we would do either of those things – Why?

It’s time for some of us to show some class. Here are the facts. We are the 6th biggest club in the Premier League in terms of Revenue (Deliotte Money League) and squad value (Transfermarkt) so we need a reality check. In this league Money talks year in year out. We need to learn the difference between a target – 4th place, and a realistic objective 5th/6th place. Especially when as a club we have the lowest recorded net transfer spend of any club in the league over the last 5 year (£700,000).

We have a brand new training complex and a new stadium development already at over £80m of assets on the books all done without some mad Oligarch or Middle Eastern Royal Family.

As a club we have made incredible progress over the last decade under Levy and ENIC for which they deserve huge credit, the only issue (albeit a big one) is the inability to install a stable management structure.

The issue of a stable management structure should be front and centre in Levy’s mind.

Also time for Levy to be clear about our aspirations, the constant push for 4th place, whilst great to aspire towards cannot be seen as failure if we don’t get there. Failure is not to recognise, even celebrate the progress we have made so far. Cast your mind back to the Gerry Francis and George Graham years.


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What about us as fans? Well we could start with applying some facts and logic to current performances, after 27 games with 50 points we still lie only 1 point behind AVB at this time last season (51 points) and three less that under Harry the season before (53 points).

The facts are clear Sherwood has done a great job since taking over the team. People who don’t get that need to look at the facts and stop whining so much and stop thinking we are going to play well and win every bloody game.

We may not finish above Liverpool – do we deserve too? They have kept their World Class talent, have a stable management team and have done as much right over the last 18 months as we did wrong. Look at Rogers, he finished 7th place last season on 61 points. Imagine if that was AVB last season or Sherwood this season. What would a number of Spurs fans do? Moan like hell.

You think it’s a coincidence our home form has suffered? I don’t the atmosphere at the Land has been mildly toxic ever since Harry left at the end of 2011-12 season. The constant feeling of under achieving is an illusion we need to shatter.

We have lots left to play for – a chance of a top four finish – albeit slight. A strong chance of a respectable top 5 position – still over achieving and a decent run in the Europa Cup, where if we get past (IF!) FC Dinipro we will be re-installed as 2nd favourites.

So how about we get behind Sherwood and the team?

So Tim Sherwood, let me be the 1st to say well done for everything you have done so far, keep up the hard work, it must be really hard to learn while doing the job and good luck for the rest of the season.


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