Spurs: Liverpool Defeat Exposes Levy's Flaws As Much As Tim's

Another heavy defeat by a team in the top three has left Spurs fans wondering where the club goes now…
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Spurs: Liverpool Defeat Exposes Levy's Flaws As Much As Tim's

Tim Sherwood may have turned up at Anfield on Sunday expecting the pressure to be on Brendan Rodgers’ men, but the majority of Spurs fans knew another capitulation was on the horizon as soon as Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling were named in the Liverpool starting line-up.

Spurs’ season has been a total shambles, on and off the field, and in the second half chants echoed from the Anfield Road end with Spurs’ fans shouting: “We want our Tottenham back”, leading on to “Levy is a c***”, and finally, “Where is our manager?”

The most disheartening element of Sunday’s defeat to Liverpool was the fact that it was only two years ago that Spurs were miles ahead of Liverpool. Looking through their programme yesterday left a reminder of the players we used to promote, they have Suarez, Sterling, Sturridge and Coutinho; we had Bale, van der Vaart, Modric and Lennon.

Three of those players have since left and Aaron Lennon has lost his confidence and his main attribute of using pace to beat the opposition in less than a year.

Disillusion is an understatement when describing the mood of Spurs fans at present.

Sunday’s game against Liverpool was the first Spurs game that I can recall in which fans genuinely wanted Daniel Levy to relinquish his reign as Spurs chairman.

The fact is however many number of fans want Daniel Levy to surrender his role as chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, and I can be categorised in that group, we will be waiting a long time before Levy leaves N17.

Rewind back to 2012 when Daniel Levy sacked Harry Redknapp, a lot of fans were in two minds. Personally, I was sick of Redknapp and his antics off the pitch, but to a certain extent, and I may get criticism from certain Spurs fans for this, when he said we’ve “never had it so good”, looking back on it, he wasn’t wrong.


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We had a structure back then, we had an identity, we played the best football in the country at times; since Redknapp left, we haven’t created an identity.

When Levy brought Andre Villas-Boas in it split the Spurs fans in two, the pro-AVB and the pro-Redknapp camps, it was impossible to be both.

Although it did feel the Portuguese manager was trying to build a philosophy and an identity at Spurs, until Levy pulled the plug on that particular project.

Sacking Villas-Boas and hiring a manager with no managerial experience in Tim Sherwood was so typical of Spurs, it was difficult not to write this season off when Levy called time on AVB’s Spurs career.

Sherwood bought himself time with his impressive festive period record, and the away wins against Southampton and Manchester United brought back the possibility of Champions League qualification again.

How wrong were we.

There is only so much shouting a manager can aim at his players before organisation and tactics are needed, and these two components are desperately needed at Spurs at the moment.

Sherwood is totally out of his depth, but he can’t full responsibility for that. He wanted the job, yes, but this opportunity at Spurs came at least five years too early for him. Levy is responsible for such a huge error in judgement.

Levy must learn the lessons of what has happened in many seasons past, but whether he actually will has yet to be seen. I, for one, wouldn’t bet on it.

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