Spurs: Signing Flauvin Would Just Be Repeating The Same Mistakes Again

Reports suggest that Spurs want to mount another attack to sign the winger but that'd just leave Tim open to repeating AVB's mistakes...
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Florian Thauvin To Spurs? Tim Wants Another Winger They Simply Don't Need

I'm getting deja vu, now.

After failing with a deadline day move for highly-rated French winger Florian Thauvin fell through, auld Timmy Mild Cheddar looks keen on making another move for the Marseille man in the summer.

Now - Thauvin is a player they simply don't need.

AVB learned the hard way that signing players just because they were available isn't a particularly effective way of going about things and you'd think, seeing as Timmo took the poor bloke's job, that the new Spurs manager wouldn't start making the same mistakes - but, alas, according to F365, he seems to have learned not.

Yes he's a fantastic player and yes his name does conjure an air of French charme like he's some kind of starving genius painter or whatever, but you simply can't shoe-horn in so many wingers into one side. For starters there are only two wings.

You'd think it'd be a matter of simple mathematics but, like an ignorant Babylonian, he seems prone to distrust the numbers.

Factor in to that, too, that Thauvin wouldn't be cheap - insider industry bods Transfermarkt value the wonderkid (or prodige if we're doing more French) at over £12million. That's not chicken feed.

Still Thauvin, as mentioned, is a terrific talent - six goals and three assists so far this season don't do justice to the 21-year-olds brilliant all-round play.

But, as mostly mentioned, fact is they just don't need the lad.

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