Spurs: Stats Prove That Sherwood's Still The Man For The Job

Tim Sherwood has faced a lot of criticism since taking the Spurs job, but his record stands up against both Harry Redknapp and AVB...
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Spurs: Stats Prove That Sherwood's Still The Man For The Job

Despite all the upheaval, key players leaving, new players joining and the change of manager midway through the season, Spurs are on roughly the same points total after 31 Premier League games as they were under Harry Redknapp and André Villas Boas.

Only one point separates where Spurs are at this stage of the season from where they were in the two previous years.

Here’s how we looked under Harry Redknapp in the 2011-12 Season:


That got us fourth place.

Under AVB last year – the 2012-13 Season:


Fifth place, a record points finish for Spurs and that place in the League.


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Finally this Season, 2013-14 under Tim Sherwood:


A tough away game up next, but after that all winnable games.

A finish with 70+ points looks a real possibility, one of the highest totals ever recorded, so although fourth place looks unlikely it’s hardly a disaster.

Spurs are the sixth biggest club in the Premier League in terms of revenue (Deloitte Money League) and squad value (Transfermarkt) so until the club finds a manager who is able to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts, like Brendan Rodgers, fifth place is not failure.

The team can finish the season with a healthy transfer surplus and sales of fringe players can provide significant reserves to bring in two or three key players. Benteke, Remy and Shaw could all be brought into the club.

It’s a shame that some of the haters out there like Harry Hotspur haven’t spent any time looking at the facts. Sherwood has done well.

However, keeping Sherwood for next season is a major risk. The chances of success are low. Sherwood does deserve respect and we should give it. His contract could be viewed as providing a decent payoff and a points total around 70 points gives him a decent platform to get a manager role at a smaller club where he needs to go and pay his dues.

Spurs need to be brave and get the best possible manager they can find to give us a chance of competing against the top teams, who have more money and better players than we do. That would also help us keep the current team intact.

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