Stat: Arsenal Are The Second Most Injured Team In Europe

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Four members of Bayern Munich’s medical staff walked out on the club last after a row with Pep Guardiola over the club’s injury problems.

Some bright spark decided to work out just how bad Bayern’s injury troubles are and the stats reveal that Arsenal run them very close.

The below diagram shows the percentage of games missed by players over the course of the season. Bayern come out on top with a whopping 23.71% of games missed, with Arsenal the second most injured team in Europe at 22.75%.

Arsenal suffered a poor start to the season thanks to their persistent injuries, leaving fans to wonder what might have been after a run of great form in 2015. The good news for the club is that this season’s problems are something of an anomaly, with much a much lower percentage recorded over recent seasons.

That said, Chelsea’s mere 2.45% score this season and general lack of injuries over past years, gives them a definite advantage over their neighbours. Perhaps Arsene Wenger should stop worrying about signing new players this summer and start recruiting more physios.



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