Stats "Prove" Arsenal Midfielder Is Better Than Chelsea's Matic (Apparently)

Proof - if proof were needed - that sometimes, stats talk absolute shining b****cks.
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Stats Show Arsenal's Flamini Is Better Than Chelsea's Matic

Props to @behnisch for absolutely killing it on the old stats front today, bringing us this brilliantly deluded gem straight from the "stats talking absolute and utter pony" drawer. He knows that stats don't tell the whole story but many don't.

Imagine using stats to try and define a game so built on subtlety and nuance. Imagine trying to use said practically-useless numbers to try and justify Arsene Wenger's chronic inability to buy a new defensive midfielder.

Imagined all that? Good. You're now part of the #GoonerFamily.

Absolute tosh. F*** numbers. There - I said it.


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