"Steal Arsenal's Main Target To Get Us Back On Track" - Spurs' 2013/14 End Of Season Review

Very little has gone right this season but if we could hold onto our key players things could possibly... Well, actually they'll probably be just the same.
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"Steal Arsenal's Main Target To Get Us Back On Track" - Spurs' 2013/14 End Of Season Review

What’s going right?

Very little - or that's certainly how it feels. The truth is probably that quite a bit is going right results-wise, but that many things (especially off the pitch) feel like a shambles. The positives are that the team's scoring goals and creating a fair few chances, and Eriksen/Lloris have finished the season exceptionally well, so that's good.

What’s not?

We're in chaos. We don't seem prepared any time we step onto the pitch, and we make lots of individual errors - probably as a result of that. Our midfield (currently two from Chadli/Sigurdsson/Paulinho) seem incapable of tracking runners or offering protection to the back four. Off the pitch, we've got Sherwood totally confused about his own future, Frank de Boer claiming we've approached him with a view to being our next manager, and the club officially denying it. Bizarre.

Got the right manager?

Sherwood's been thrown in at the deep end, and it would be logical to either feel sorry for him, or feel that he's done a relatively good job in spite of everything. However, his apparent arrogance and constant focus on himself mean that it's difficult to have too much sympathy. He frequently contradicts himself in interviews and seems to just rely on managing the players as they are now, rather than giving any indication of wanting or trying to improve them.

Star player?

Our best players this season have been Hugo Lloris, Kyle Walker, Emmanuel Adebayor (for half a season) and new-boy, Christian Eriksen. I'd have to say Hugo would be our biggest loss were he to leave - I can't think where we'd get another goalkeeper anywhere near as good.

Who would you like to sell in the summer?

I think we mostly need continuity, with just a few incoming players. Most of the weaker players in the team (Rose, Naughton, Lennon) would be fine as back-ups/rotation options if they are happy to take lesser roles. If not, they can leave. I'd also like to see Paulinho leave whilst he still has a good reputation and high value. There have been arguments that he's been played in an unfamiliar role - frankly, I disagree. He's played in a 4-4-2 as the 'holder' and as the 'breaker', as well as the most advanced central midfield player in a 4-2-3-1; I don't see that he adds much in any of these roles. He makes great late runs into the box, but he struggles with the basics at times - often failing to put the correct weight on a pass, or playing it hopeless behind his teammates, slowing down attack after attack.

Who do you want to sign?

We absolutely need a left-back, and I think any one of Ben Davies, Daley Blind or Ricardo Rodríguez would be an upgrade on Rose. We also need a back-up goalkeeper, and will probably need a striker if Adebayor and/or Soldado leave. Interest in Lukaku seems optimistic - Arsenal target Loic Remy would probably be a decent option as he's versatile enough to play wide too.


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Best chant so far?

We're not so good at those. I liked this spontaneous burst of "we don't want David Moyes" away at Stoke the other week but I think a chant I came up with to the tune of Peaches by The Strangers has some potential... "Strolling up the pitch is super Vlad Chiriches, der der der, der der der der der" - what do you think? (Well... - Ed)

Best opposition player/team you’ve seen?

I thought Benfica were fantastic at the Lane - organised and lethal on the counter - but given that Liverpool and Man City have both destroyed us twice, I'd have to give it to one of those. Liverpool were thoroughly brutal, whereas City had a little bit of luck in both matches to start them off, so I'll go with Liverpool.

Biggest w***** of the season?

Charlie Adam? As you'll see from above, I'm no great fan of Paulinho, but he was having by far his best game of the season at home to Stoke before Adam crocked him with a very nasty challenge. That's Bale (twice), Modric and now Paulinho he's injured.

Funniest Moment of the season?

We've not been able to find a great deal of humour this season, but when Harry Kane came on against United he made himself into a bit of a cult hero by first legitimately lumping the ball into touch to waste some time, before gobbing on himself as he trotted back into position. Get in there, 'Arry!

Next season's prediction?

Getting dangerously close to finishing 4th, only to fall at the final hurdle and come 5th. Again.

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