Steve Evans' Revelation About Assistant Boss Will Shock Leeds Fans

Hope he's not taking fitness training.
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One of the concerns that Leeds fans have had over the appointment of Steve Evans, is whether players will take their fitness seriously for a manager who clearly doesn’t look after himself.

You’d hope then that Evans might surround himself with staff who could command more respect in this area, but a video from August of this year suggests that his assistant head coach Paul Raynor is not going to be that man.

Evans was interviewed on Rotherham’s official YouTube channel about Raynor’s attempt at dieting and recalled a meal that the pair had enjoyed at a branch of the Hungry Horse pub chain.

While Evans wisely went for the healthy option - burger and fries - Raynor instead ordered the sort of fare normally only seen on an episode of Man v. Food.

Let’s hope the club has a decent nutritionist to neutralise their influence. Watch the alarming video below.


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