Stop Dressing Like A Peruvian Pan Flute Player! Man Utd Star Blasted

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Memphis Depay was dropped by Manchester United at the weekend for their match against Everton and his week isn't getting much better.

The former Dutch manager Co Adriaanse blasted Depay when speaking on Studio Voetball.

"He needs to be corrected. He must realise that he is a member in a football team, that he is not just an individual – a 100 metre sprinter like Usain Bolt.

"He arrived as a Peruvian pan flute player at [Netherlands team hotel] Huis ter Duin. If you are a young boy and still have not done anything, do not play dress up as you report to the coach.

"Ronaldo does that, but at least he is proven. He does not even talk to the press, which he ignores. That cannot be the way.

"He represents us, the Dutch people. And we want to know what he thinks. He should always speak to them, and must be corrected."

We're not sure what a Peruvian pan flute player exactly looks like, but we're guessing that this isn't a compliment...


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