Study Shows How Arsenal's Foreign Legion Have Affected The Premiership

Coming over 'ere, scoring our goals.
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There's no getting around the fact that foreign footballers have changed the English game irreversibly, but this new study breaks down in detail just how much the influx of Europeans has affected the modern day 'big six'.

The idea of bringing in international talent on a large scale was spearheaded at clubs like Arsene Wenger's Arsenal and Harry Redknapp's West Ham in the '90s, and it's now impossible to imagine the modern game any other way. It may have seemed difficult to believe a few decades ago, but there are now more players from Central Europe representing the big teams than those from the British Isles. 

In fact, since the start of the Premier League, the total number of British footballers used in a season by the big six has dropped by 65%, from 162 to 59. In contrast, the total number of Central European footballers used in a season by the big six has risen by 2233%, from 3 to 70.

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