Thanks To Cellino, Leeds Are More United Than Ever

Leeds fans are happy and hasn't it been a long time since we've been able to say that?
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Thanks To Cellino, Leeds Are More United Than Ever

For the first time in a long time we boast an owner, sporting director, academy chief, squad & fans who all get being Leeds and a new coach with a great track record and hair coming in, marvellous.

Crisis club Leeds United, 10 points from 12, integrate 15 new players & youth, have awesome team spirit, play great football, disgrace! The club feels great right now, everybody pulling in the same direction, not that we are getting carried away….

The Owner

Massimo Cellino has transformed Leeds United, he has dragged the club from the gutter after it was raped, pillaged and stripped bare by Bates, Harvey and GFH, he understands the club and is LUFC to the core.

Cellino is creating a dynasty which will take LUFC back to Premiership, there will be ups and downs but we will get there on his watch.

Massimo was fully embraced by the fans on Saturday and said: "I wish to make these people happy. They are really beautiful with us.”

The president’s early comment in an unguarded conversation with a fan that has since become folklore and launched a thousand t-shirts "Fans are not for sale, they have feeling and you don’t buy feeling. You can buy a b**** for one night, but you don’t buy the love, my friend.” has proved absolutely correct, the fans love what he has done with the club.

The Sporting Director

Niocola Salerno was an awesome signing, the best player finder I have ever seen and how the foreign lads he brought in have integrated and "got" Leeds United is remarkable.

Many players have frozen and failed to perform for the club over the years and, without exception, Salerno’s acquisitions have played with a confidence and not been intimidated - that is remarkable.

The new foreign players have, to a man, brought something new, exciting and different to the party and most important of all, they understand what it is to be a Leeds player.

The Academy Chief/Caretaker

Neil Redfearn stepped into the breach for another stint as caretaker manager after the sacking of Hock which put the poor fella and his sidekick Junior out of their misery and ended a short lived era caused by the most bizarre decision of Cellino’s tenure.

Redfearn is a great bloke, a cornerstone of the club, an honest football man with a huge talent for nurturing and developing youth. He's had a galvanising effect on the players, gained their respect immediately, understood the best way to utilise them, made bold team selections and substitutions and won 10 points out of the 12 available while he was in charge, placing some exhilarating football in the process.

The way Redders managed to integrate young talent like Cook, Byram & Mowatt with the new foreign lads is testament to his skills as a man manager.


Leeds Must Not Hire Another Wild Card Manager


Leeds fans haven’t watched a team playing with such confidence and aplomb since the heady days of O’Leary’s babies. The squad appear to get what it is to be “Leeds” and look like they are a tight-knit group who want to play for each other, they are enjoying it and we are relishing watching.

Bellusci is a nutter, with a ricket in in him, a footballing brain, skill & passion, a great buy and a cult figure. That free kick at Bournemouth and then Saturday! Watching the goals against Huddersfield, I’ve got to say, what the hell was Bellusci doing linking with Antenucci for the second just before half time, playing like an attacking midfielder and nearly adding an exquisite chip to his growing portfolio of worldies.

Antenucci delivers great link up play, works for team & has top quality finishing ability, upgrade on the fat boy with better attitude. On Antenucci, Redfearn said “He gives you energy up front and no ball to him is a bad ball. He’s got great touch, good awareness and he can finish. Stick him in front of goal and he’ll finish chances.” He also delivers pace and constant movement.

Silvestri is simply the best keeper we had for a long time.

Warnock is having a renaissance, showing why he was capped by England and his attitude looks spot on.

Austin is playing like he got knocked out, didn't know who he was and Redders said tell him he's a beast midfielder. Redfearn said “Rudy Austin was terrific too and he’s a better footballer than he gets credit for. He’s got touch and awareness and he’s just starting to get going again.

Bianchi is neat, tidy, effective and accurate, a top continuity player, a very important cog in the midfield.

Doukara is a beast who runs himself into the ground, with a trick, he delivers power & pace.

Cook will play for England, only 17 - how good will he be?

Mowatt, if he can stay fit will get better and better.

Sloth is a great young talent.

Pearce is being Pearce, putting his body on the line, has learnt to pass and demonstrates great spirit and a never say die attitude.

Sam Byram will get back to his best this season and most importantly stayed through the transfer window and is committed to the club.

Cooper is a top quality signing, will play a part this season, composed on the ball, strong defensively.

Berardi is undoubtedly talented but needs to cut out the rash challenged.

Sharp will get goals but maybe off the bench, depending on the style we lay going forward.

Dawson will play a part and Walters when fit.

Charlie Taylor waiting for his chance, will get blooded this season, he is very talented and one for the future.

Even Morison wants to succeed at the club and has expressed his commitment.

We wait, salivating to see Adryan, Montenegro, Benedicic & Del Fabro all yet to feature, highly rated, exciting top young talent.

Not to mention the rest of the squad: Murphy, Tonge, Stuart Taylor, White, Hunt, Norris, Wootton, Thompson & Ajose so I won’t.

Redfearn’s comment on the squad was “Before the game I told the players ‘no one of you is better than anyone else and that means you’ve got to run for each other.’ They did that and you could see it in the performance.”

The work put in on passing, movement, awareness and working for each other has paid off big time, the players are showing passion, teamwork and togetherness, that speaks volumes for their collective attitude and character.


Leeds fans are in a state of euphoria, they support the team through thick and thin, the massive global posse is ready, willing and able to follow Sheriff Cellino as he leads us into a bright future.

The Future

Darko Milanič will take over a club on the up, brimming with confidence, an almost unheard of situation for a new coach.

The former Yugoslavia and Slovenia international - a centre-back who retired through injury at the age of 31 - has a UEFA Pro Licence and is said to be fluent in several languages, including English.

The fact that Milanic, who will bring his assistant, Novica Nikčević, bought himself out of his contract and describes the Leeds job as a chance of a lifetime puts him in the same mindset as the players we have recruited, committed to the cause, with a point to prove. People saying the Slovenian league is Mickey Mouse are missing a major point, winning trophies at whatever level takes skill and ability, you can only beat what’s in front of you and in every competition there are winners and losers, a winning mentality delivers a winning record, period.

In the press conference to announce his departure from strum Graz there was a huge amount of respect, the fact they held a presser shows what they think of him and they were full of praise for him as they presented him with a one way ticket to Leeds.

Redfearn must be involved with the first team, Massimo understands his importance, he harnessed the new talent, integrated the youth, built an unbelievable team spirit and has been brave, honest & successful, he must be part of the future of the club and deserves to be taken care of.

Redders must stay involved with the first team squad and be looked after financially, it’s a good idea to bring back Naylor to help with Academy.

I tweeted last night “Describe how you feel about Leeds United right now in 3 words, mine: Proud, excited, optimistic” and every single response was positive, it’s a long time since the army of Leeds fans felt that way.

Now watch the good times roll.