The Best & Worst Of Transfer Deadline Day

Tuesday's deadline looms closer, so we had a look at previous deadlines for some classics
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1. Harry Redknapp leaning out of his car window every single time, it's as if he couldn't be interviewed without being in his car. The former Spurs and QPR boss was partial to a deadline day deal and the media lapped it up as he did many late night deals. 

2. Peter Odemwingie driving to QPR, only for Rangers to not let him in the door. It transpired that Odemwingie's agent told him to make the trip down from West Brom to Loftus Road because a fee had been agreed, only it hadn't, leaving poor Peter sat in his car outside burning his bridges everywhere. 

3. A reporter being slapped on the head with a dildo. No really, if you haven't seen this before then be warned, it's pretty stupid. It's funny on a bizarre level, but it also inspired many memes, and a personal favourite cartoon from David Squires. 

4. Jim White. Okay so he's become self aware and the inside joke now seems a bit laboured as they update you as to when Mr Deadline Day will arrive in the building, but seeing him get overexcited as a thoroughly underwhelming deal concludes right before the deadline is highly entertaining. Expect another dramatic build up with clichés galore from the passionate Scot. 

5.  Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano signing for West Ham. Yep back in 2007 two Argentinian stars rocked up at Upton Park to sign for Alan Pardew's West Ham on loan, and there has rarely been a more shocking deal. Although Mascherano didn't last long before moving to Liverpool and then Barcelona, Tevez's goals kept the Hammers up, much to Neil Warnock's dismay, and moved to Man United, then Man City, Juventus and now Boca Juniors.