The EPL Away Kit Table - Chelsea And West Ham At Top, Swansea And Sunderland Battle Drop

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When designers are given the task of coming up with a new home kit for a club, their hands are tied by tradition. They simply can't veer too far from the classic colours and style.

Away kits are another matter. Rarely seen, this is the opportunity for the crayons to come out and a little experimentation to take place. As a result there are some truly horrendous away shirts in the Premier League this season, along with a few examples where kit manufacturers have got it spot on. 

We've ranked the twenty sides below. 

1. Chelsea

Things might be going wrong on the pitch for Chelsea, but at least they look cool when losing on the road.


2. West Ham

Claret and blue is a perfect combination and West Ham have kept it relatively simple in reversing the colour scheme, while taking some risks with the top section of the shirt.


3. Crystal Palace

Another winning use of red, white and blue, with the central stripes working very well.


4. Arsenal

There is a regality to the gold on Arsenal's away shirt and this is the best of the designs from Puma. 


5. Liverpool

Proof that keeping it simple reaps rewards, this is an improvement of the over-fussy home kit.


6. Manchester City

Nike have used a bold colour sparingly and it works well in contrast with the dark blue.


7. West Brom

An unusual shade of red but stays within the realms of good taste.


8. Everton

An  shirt that doesn't quite work yet wins points for daring.


9. Manchester United

An example of an attractive design somewhat spoiled by a sponsor logo that doesn't fit.


10. Norwich

Another kit blemished by the sponsor. This could be a very decent effort, only for the huge sponsor section to dominate the shirt. 


11. Leicester

Would be much higher if it was plain black. Instead the central pattern detracts from the simplicity.


12. Spurs

The colour combination works, but the bold design doesn't quite gel. Nearly, a very good shirt.

tottenham-hotspur-15-16-away-kit (1).jpg

13. Southampton

A solid effort if somewhat dull. 

Southampton-14-15-Away-Kit (1).jpg

14. Stoke

We loved a sashed kit and this could have been a great example if not for the disasterous decision to pair the black with green.


15. Newcastle

Here's comes that Puma pattern again. Did someone get a Spirograph for their birthday?


16. Aston Villa

There's nothing too wrong with this other than the fact it's desperately boring.


17. Watford

Watford escape the Puma pattern but end up with something that looks more like a training top.


18. Bournemouth

Not the most subtle blending of colours results in a shirt of two halves.


19. Sunderland

What? Big Sam has a lot of problems to solve at Sunderland and this might be the biggest.


20. Swansea

There is a lot of green in this season's away kits, but Swansea's shade is definitely the most putrid.



The EPL New Kit Table - West Ham And Stoke At Top, Norwich And Newcastle Battle Drop