The EPL New Kit Table - West Ham And Stoke At Top, Norwich And Newcastle Battle Drop

Every new Premier League kit ranked.
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1. West Ham

west ham kit.jpg

Umbro produce the goods with a retro effort in the Hammers’ last season at Upton Park. Brings a tear to the eye, a lump to the throat and a bulge to our trousers.

2. Stoke

stoke kit.jpg

A close second come Stoke with this clean cut effort from New Balance. The way the sponsor design blends into the shirt is a textbook example of how it should be done, though it probably helps that club and company are owned by the same family.

3. Manchester City

man city kit.jpg

Some teams have an unfair advantage when it comes to colours. Sky blue and white just go great together and Nike have produced a no-nonsense affair that lets them shine.

4. Leicester

leicester kit.jpg

Equally come clubs get lucky with their sponsor. Who are ‘King Power’? Nobody knows but their logo looks nice, especially the little gold crown that matches nicely with the Puma badge.

5. Crystal Palace

palace kit.jpg

Even better is no sponsor, although Palace have since added Mansion to their shirts since releasing this picture of this classy design from Macron. Luckily it all meshes together well and doesn’t spoil things too much.

6. Swansea

swansea kit.jpg

Swansea’s colours are white and black, but the designer from Adidas obviously had a new gold felt-tip pen and this kit looks all the better for it. Bonkers sponsor that nevertheless looks nice.

7. Southampton

southampton kit.jpg

Good stuff from Adidas again with their new Southampton kit. Only gripe is the lack of symmetry that the central logo causes. Could they not have a little picture of Ronald Koeman smiling on the other side of the chest?

8. Arsenal

Arsenal kit.jpg

Puma have come up with another decent effort for the Gunners. You can’t break the traditional red body, white sleeve combo but a few tweaks have made this one of the better kits of the season.

9. Chelsea

chelsea kit.jpg

Kits can often live or die by their collar. This one by Adidas for Chelsea features a nice trim and a couple of buttons to allow it to be roguishly opened to reveal a slither of chest hair from those who are man enough to not shave.

10. Everton

everton kit.jpg

Do Everton even bother to negotiate with other kit manufacturers? Always Umbro. Still, this nod back to Le Coq Sportif’s mid-eighties classic scores points and a mid-table finish.

11. Liverpool

liverpool kit.jpg

Bottom-half now. Liverpool should be aiming for Europe with this effort from New Balance but the silly-check-pattern-on-top, stripes-at-the-bottom mishmash has scuppered their chances.

12. West Brom

west brom kit.jpg

Is this what T-Boz and Chilli are up to these days? Sponsoring West Brom with their new online betting offshoot? Possibly the most interesting thing about this perfectly-Pulis number which like the real thing is functional but lacks pizzazz.

13. Manchester United

man utd kit.jpg

United have gone back to Adidas, a spiritual home responsible for some of their greatest triumphs. So what’s wrong? The daft three-stripe performance logo that Adidas insist putting upon their shirts in preference to the proper one that everyone likes, for one. Chevrolet doesn’t look right either. Do Sharp still make TV sets?

14. Tottenham

spurs kit.jpg

Marks should be given to Under Armour and Spurs for trying. A sash is generally a wonderful thing on a football shirt, yet his one has been ruined by a tyre-stripe design and a sponsor that is not only too big but is also red.

15. Sunderland

sunderland kit.jpg

Adidas have made a lot of kits for teams with stripy kits this season. It’s unfortunate for Sunderland that their’s is the worst, thanks to the growing trend to have a giant company logo accompanying the sponsor text.

16. Bournemouth

bournemouth kit.jpg

Here's an example of a club struggling with the traditional colours they've been lumbered with. Red and black stripes just don't go, unless you're AC Milan or Dennis the Menace.

17. Aston Villa

aston villa kit.jpg

With claret and blue Aston Villa have won the kit colour lottery - see West Ham - but Macron have ruined things with an over-busy look. Get a gilet over this mess Tim.

18. Norwich

norwich kit.jpg

A yellow and green version of Blackburn’s kit could have worked, only for the sponsor logo to ruin everything as another big block of yellow spills over onto the green.

19. Watford

watford kit.jpg

Puma, what have you done? Perhaps they were trying to make them look like real Hornets (side-note, why call yourself Hornets and then have a picture of a f***ing moose on the badge?). Relegation form for the newly-promoted side.

20. Newcastle

newcastle kit.jpg

Newcastle used to have the best kit in the league with that big blue star. Now they have the worst. An unnecessary blue trim on the collar and sleeves makes a horrific appearance at the bottom of the shirt. As if this wasn’t enough the look is completed with the most embarrassing sponsor in the top flight.


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