The Fans’ Season Preview: Cardiff City

Player I'd most like to sign? Craig Bellamy, but of course that's the stuff of fantasy right? Oh no wait...
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Team: Cardiff City FC

Hopes for season? Automatic promotion to the Premiership as Champions. We've got an attacking line that would be the envy of half the Premiership so it's something we have to be confident about and aim for. Let's do it.

Fears for season? That Bellamy gets in any way kicked by some of the donkeys they have in the Championship. It's the only way to stop him and any kind of injury would be a nightmare.

Fixture most looking forward too? Swansea in the Taff/Tawe Derby obviously. I gotta give it to the Jacks they may live in a McStadium like us these days but when you go there it's a cauldron of spite, venom and pure hatred. Same for them at our house. I know in these days of 'family fun' that's not the done thing anymore but my GOD it makes for an atmosphere and game. Long may it continue.

Have you got the right manager? Yes, absolutely. He's spikey and hates the press but on the pitch he's made Cardiff City into a team players want to come and play for. This season he's also got the players to change it around. We often start 4-4-2 but can switch quite easliy to 4-3-3 or 4-5-1...Fluid. Now there's a word I never thought I'd say about Cardiff City.

Player most like to sign? It would be Craig Bellamy. A City fanatic. Blistering pace. A motivator. Will get you 20 goals a season and at least 20 assists. He's Welsh, tattooed and cares, which in the modern game is a rare thing. Oops, I'm sorry did we sign him? Oh well then maybe Messi as a back up.

Which player to look our for and why? See above.

Which player would you most like to ditch? None. Jones cleared a load of dead wood out last season. I can't think of a single player in that squad I would not have there. It's almost perfect in the quest of the holy grail of reaching the Premiership.

Tell us something we don't know? Not only are we still the only team ever to take the FA Cup out of England in 1927 but Cardiff City once beat Real Madrid at home in European Competition. And the Pope once did a gig at Ninian Park. Aye, honest. JP came and did a mass to 20,000 people there in the early 80s.

Favourite Chant? Cardiff City fans still sing a song sung by Striking Miners in the '26 General Strike. It's called 'I'll be there' and is one of the oldest football songs in the world..pre-dating You'll Never Walk Alone by almost 40 years.

What won't happen this season? Cardiff fans will NOT sit at your ground. You can bring in all the tough looking Stewards or the fucking SAS if you want but it ain't gonna happen. The Taffs will stand and sing. End of.

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