The Football and Real Ale Guide App

Like football, like real ale? Then The Football and Real Ale Guide app could be your new best friend.
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If like me you're a fan of football away trips and real ale, then you'll no doubt travel equipped with a list of pubs to visit. If also like me, the team you support has been crap for the last decade, you'll know the importance of eeking out some kind of enjoyment from the day. That of finding a great new pub. Richard Stedman's Stedders Guides have served this purpose for me for a good few seasons now. Written with the football fan in mind, as opposed to other guides, the books give you a run down of the best real ale pubs near the grounds, how away fan friendly they are, how to get there, whether they do food and pretty much everything a football fan will need to know. And ow the guides are available in app form on Android.

With daily updates the guides cover every club in the English leagues, and being an app you can use Google Navigation to find your way there. Far easier than carrying photocopied pages and maps around, or a bulky book.

Just select the team you want to look at and the menus take you through the rest. The only downside from my point of view is that it's only on Android at the minute, but I hope if all goes well we may see it in the Apple Store some time soon.

Price wise the app compares favourably to the print form at 50p a club or £3 a division. But in my opinion it's well worth going for  the £5 option for all four divisions. After all you never know when you'll go on that cup run, and of course your team's going to get promoted at the end of the season right?

The guides are available at Android Market here