The Greatest Goals I Ever Saw: Steve McManaman's Crackers v Villa and Celtic

Steve McManaman was the scorer of many great goals, he even got one in a Champions League final. None, however, sit as long in the memory as his strikes against Aston Villa and Celtic...
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If you’ve ever really loved a goal, you want to see it over and over again. You want to embed it into the memory section of your gigantic brain, so that it plays in your dreams, but perhaps with YOU in the lead roll blowing fans minds. How good would that be? Huh? Pretty good. And it’s exactly this football craving for repetition that makes the 1990s Liverpool FC hair model Leggy Steve McManaman seem so thoughtful. Can’t afford a nicked video recorder? Haven’t heard of The Youtube because it’s the 1990s and no one has an internet yet? No problem, Macca will just repeat the exact same goal again. There’s your replay. BOSH.

For those who can’t remember, the goals came within days of each other. First against Villa, and then against Celtic. Or it may have been the other way around. And the stretch between the two games might have been longer than a few days. No one can honestly remember. It was the 1990s. If you have functioning powers of recall, you probably weren’t heating up knives and inhaling putrid dope fumes through a tampered-with Diet Pepsi bottle. That’s your lifestyle choice.

And what goals they were. Lining up with a team of Spice Girls, who famously steamrollered mobs of blondes on their days off - Redknapp at the back, Babb probably dealing with the front – McManaman was KING. He was gangly like a squashed Peter Crouch, and sometimes his hair looked a bit lesbian. Yet he could dance through entire teams from behind the halfway line like a straight Billy Elliot. Great times.

Both goals are here (first and third) and all of them are worth a watch

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