The Huddersfield Fans’ Season Preview: We Need To Leave This League By Any Means Necessary

After coming so close last season this Huddersfield Town fan has one eye on automatic promotion this season, but will the huge influx of players help or hurt?
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After coming so close last season this Huddersfield Town fan has one eye on automatic promotion this season, but will the huge influx of players help or hurt?

Pre season: Good, bad or ugly?

I am not a fan of pre season, with the constant rolling news reporting a transfer rumour as if fact every time an agent burps out a name during a high priced seafood dinner.

As a Huddersfield Town fan however I can hardly say we stay quiet during the off-season and as a result it’s always quite good for improving optimism. 8 players have come in, holding the club scarf over their head, saying how they’ve always liked Huddersfield as a club and deep down they’re all Terriers at heart.

This is a marked change to a few years ago when pre season meant signing 2 players on free transfers, and then getting updates on which player had come back fattest after their summer holiday.

Hopes for the season:

As with every season I’ll be hoping for a promotion party come May, with the assembled squad dancing on an open top bus, whilst the streets of Huddersfield fill up with overjoyed revellers. Saying that I’d settle for finishing 3rd as long as the team finishing 2nd had financial irregularities and were docked points, earning us promotion by default. Ultimately I hope to escape this league.

Fears for the season:

That the loss of Anthony Pilkington and Lee Peltier hurts us more than we could have imagined, that the new players don’t gel quickly enough and we end up doing a Swindon- play off finalists one year then relegated the next.

Absolute bare minimum you’ll accept

A decent showing on a regular basis and a strong push for promotion, you cannot demand promotion, but what I want to see is more progression for the club and good football.

Fixture you’re most looking forward to?

Bury on August 6th, I always look forward to the first game of the season and for the first time in a few years I’ll actually be there, rather than, as has been the case for the last few years, working the Saturday shift in a petrol station selling Ginsters and a copy of the Daily Mail to hungry right-wing driving instructors.

Optimism is at it’s highest point on opening day, and although it doesn’t make much difference come May, getting a win on the board straight away really boosts morale.

Ex Man City’s Donal McDermott is a tricky midfielder. If he can be as good for us as he was against us then we have a very exciting prospect on our hands.

Got the right manager?

Yes, absolutely, I’m a big fan of Lee Clark, although I don’t need to hear the story of the “sad mackem b****ds” t-shirt anymore. All I want from a manager is year on year progression for the club, and so far Clark has delivered that so far. I do think however that if he doesn’t get us promoted this year he’ll be off, as with the money invested it is clear that Huddersfield should be pushing for promotion at least.

By Christmas you’ll be…

Hovering around the play off places, yet to find the consistency we require due to the large influx of players not quite gelling yet, but along the right lines and ready for a push for the automatic spots.

Player you’d most like to sign?

A striker who can score 30 goals, although I have no idea who that player is. A lot of talk about Adam Le Fondre, at Rotherham, but he appears to be linked with every Yorkshire team, however there is no doubting that he knows where the goal is.

Which player should we look out for?

Donal McDermott is a tricky midfielder, who we signed from Man City who absolutely terrorised us in the play offs whilst playing for Bournemouth. If he can be as good for us as he was against us then we have a very exciting prospect on our hands.

Which player would you love to ditch?

Joey Gudjonson, simply because he’ll never live up to our expectations and also he appears to wash his hair with grease. He has a lot of talent and can run a game, but he rarely does it, and if we keep him I’ll just keep expecting him to amaze us, which he appears reluctant to do.

Opposition hate figure?

I try not to hold a grudge personally, but I despise whoever has just scored against us. Whether it’s an old pro, a promising youngster, or that guy we almost signed in the summer, there is nothing more deflating than seeing someone score against your side, and at that moment when they slide on their knees towards the opposition fans in celebration I hate them.

Tell us something we don’t know about your club? .

The club has the best unofficial fanzine in the world in my opinion. is a truly fantastic site.

What won’t happen this season?

Alan Lee won’t score 5 goals

Favourite chant?

I’ve always been a big fan of “What’s it like to see a crowd?” directed at a the hundred or so fans who’ve travelled 300+ miles from a town with a small population, being sung by Huddersfield fans in a stadium that is never full.

Where will you finish?

At the risk of looking more foolish than I actually am, I’ll stick my neck out and say top 2.

Any other news?

The club are selling garden gnomes wearing the club colours, so if you hate someone why not buy them one.

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