The Most Bizarre Emile Heskey Rap You'll Ever See

There's always a strange aura around the big man - a player that you love to love. But would you rap about him on youtube? No, us neither...
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It's safe to say that Emile Heskey will forever be the butt of all football related jokes for some time. The ex-Leicester City, Liverpool, Wigan Athletic and Aston Villa front-man was never quite the prolific striker that many had hoped he would become during his time in England. Now at Newcastle Jets, where he has netted five goals in six games, you could forgive some for opting to forget about 'The Powerhouse' and move on to discuss other goal-shy front-men. That is, of course, until a man wearing a homemade Lady Gaga t-shirt and an American Football on his head pops up with a rap on the former England international. Credit to @FootballRamble for bringing this to our attention.

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