The Pros & Cons Of Liverpool Winning The Premier League Title

It's been nearly a quarter of a century since the Kop's last league title and they could be on to break that run - but would that be a good thing?
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The Pros & Cons Of Liverpool Winning The Premier League Title


It would be a victory for coaching

While none of this would have been possible without the investment of the Fenway Sports Group, a Liverpool title triumph would be Brendan Rodgers’ more than anyone else’s. The Northern Irishman’s belief in his methods has clearly been transmitted to his players, who have been convinced by individual and collective improvement across the board and who have reaped huge dividends in the process.

The incredible progress made by Jordan Henderson, Daniel Sturridge and even Luis Suárez in the last twelve months has exceeded all expectations and if they get over the line they will deserve all the credit in the world, but they will be the first to acknowledge that their manager is ultimately responsible.

They have played really good, intelligent football

As well as his stellar work on the training field, Rodgers has more often than not got his strategy spot on, both in terms of one-off matches and in the long-term. Liverpool’s tactical flexibility has been their trump card this season and while their experimentation has not always worked – the use of the back three defeat away to Arsenal springs to mind as a particular blunder – the fact that their opponents can never be sure which formation or angle of attack they are going to face gives the Reds an undeniable advantage.

In recent years, the Premier League’s big guns have been made to look stupid by teams who play a more sophisticated version of the game than the standard end-to-end rollercoaster ride that English viewers demand. The likes of Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund (and an honourable mention here for Marcelo Bielsa's Athletic Bilbao) have allied individual talent with tactical innovation while Manchesters United and City and Chelsea have simply thrown loads of money at big names and expected the rest to follow. Liverpool’s success is proof that someone here has been paying attention and that is heartening.

Luis Suárez deserves it

Suárez will never quite escape the consequences of his numerous transgressions – even South America’s commentators now refer to him as El Caníbal – but he has been head and shoulders above everyone else in the Premier League this season and unless the goals dry up or he gets injured, he will break the goalscoring record for a thirty-eight game season despite missing the first six games due to you-know-what. Such an achievement really deserves to win the Premier League trophy by itself.


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It would break the monotony

In an era in which league titles by-and-large follow wage bill spending, Liverpool’s charge is an extremely refreshing development. They may be the second-most successful side in English football’s pre-financial-doping history, but such is the crushing statistical probability of a mercenary-led Chelsea or Manchester City title victory in most post-Ferguson seasons that this would count as a victory for the little guy and stand as one to remember long after the petro-dollars of Messrs Abramovich and Mansour have rendered the Premier League as uncompetitive as the SPL.

Philippe Coutinho

He’s so f***ing good.


Steven Gerrard would get a Premier League winner’s medal

The only argument against the acceptability of Liverpool’s title charge but one that is absolutely unbeatable. The thought of the most overrated player of all-time lifting the only major trophy missing from his undeservedly well-stocked collection is so disgusting that I am hereby renouncing atheism and praying to every known deity that Sergio Agüero regains fitness as soon as possible and fires Manchester City to glory.

Additional prayers will be made pleading for the referees for Liverpool’s games against Chelsea and Manchester City put neutrality to one side for a moment and award an endless succession of penalties against the home side so as to avert this unspeakable humanitarian disaster.

If invoking divine help is not enough and Liverpool do go into the final day clear of the pack and with their destiny in their own hands, then I will happily pay any sum of money to any person who can hack the security systems at the White House and send declarations of immediate nuclear war to Russia, North Korea, Pakistan and China. It would be far preferable to condemn every living human to a fiery death and surrender the planet to the cockroaches than let Steven Gerrard anywhere near that trophy.

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