The Real Reason Charlie Taylor Is Leaving Leeds United

The problem lies solely at the feet of one man.
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I wonder what could possibly be the main reason for promising youth talent to be leaving Leeds United. You can dress this up and say "we've always sold", "we'll pass them on the way up" or "as long as we get a good fee" and it's all just linguistic bulls**t. You're kidding yourself. You're deluded.

You can try and blame their agents, or the players' greed, but let's take a little look and another, more likely and plausible reason why these young players want out of Leeds United.

An owner comes in and sacks the first team manager before he has even been ratified as owner. In the summer, he sacks half the academy coaches you train under. He then sells the first team's best player. He buys a load of cr** players who train when they feel like it or refuse to play. He then sacks the first team manager and appoints a deluded, cheap, glorified PE teacher. He sacks him, then asks the academy boss, who you really and respect, to take over. The academy boss' partner has nurtured you through your education and watched you grow as a young man at the academy. You feel content. Then the owner asks the academy boss to step backwards so he can appoint a bloke nobody has heard of, just because he is "good looking". He then sacks this man and re-appoints the academy manager. You and your mates, who have been brought up together, like a family, play really well together. The academy manager is now popular with the fans. You're enjoying life. The owner is banned from football and his temporary replacement hatches a plan with the now ex-academy, but first team manager, who you look up to, to get you and your promising mates onto the pitch one game and all sign long term contracts in public, in front of the fans.

The owner's ban expires and for no reason, the owner sacks the ex-academy now first team manager, puts the kibosh on the contract plans, sacks the man's partner who you have a great deal of affection for and offers you and your mates less money than an arrogant centre back who refused to play for the club.

You get a new head coach every six months because the owner is a clueless buffoon.

You see your mate disrespected in public by the owner, have your friend's loyalty questioned and integrity mocked. You see some "fans" turn on your friend as a result and abuse him in support of the owner. Then the owner sells your talented mate and brings in a temporary, stop gap loan signing who is half the player your mate is, while the owner pockets the cash.

The owner repears this process with your other friend, having said he definitely wouldn't sell him.

Then he gets his latest stooge to do the same to you - touting you on a public broadcast, inviting offers. Some brainwashed and blinkered fans don't see this happening, they just think you're greedy.

Truth is, you just have ambition to play for a sensible, well run club and not deal with crooked, lying pr**s, and I don't blame you one little bit.

This will happen to every single promising young player that comes through that Cellino can sell.

The problem isn't the agents. The problem isn't the players. The problem isn't the fans.

The problem lies solely at the feet of one man.