The Real Superstars of Football

Forget the preening prima donnas who play for your club, this is how footballers really look.
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Football's not all about World Cup stars, multi-million pound transfers and horrifically customised pink Range Rovers (take note Stephen Ireland). No, at the other end of the spectrum is park football. The Sunday leagues are packed with men of all shapes and sizes who make up for their lack of technique and physique with an unfailing commitment to the beautiful game. It is these men that photographer Alan Powdrill pays tribute to with his 'Reality Football' project. Over three seasons across seven cities, he captured the sheer 'beauty' of the Sunday League player - whether it be the Hackney Martian' silver-haired keeper or Unreal Madrid's 'well-built' left-back. These, I'm sure you'll agree are football's real superstars. A fact that has now been recognised by the FA who display Powdrill's shots in the Club Wembley section of Wembley Stadium. If you can't blag your way in there however, you could always sneak along to the Reality Football website and pick up a print for yourself.

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