The West Ham Fans' Season Preview: Goodbye Can't Control, Sorry Carlton Cole

Life at West Ham under Big Sam is going to be a very different affair but that's no bad thing. Hopefully we'll be shedding the Baby Bentleys and reaching a new new level of professionalism and team ethic.
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Life under Big Sam isn't going to be pretty, but no West Ham will give a monkey's if we get back into the Premier League...

Pre Season: Good, Bad or Ugly

I don't watch the pre-season games. It's like watching a relative on life support.

Hopes for the Season?

Promotion obviously. Realistically I want to see some professionalism in the way we play. Stop throwing away leads, learning how to defend and see a game out. The failure to do that sent us down and we're only going up when we re-learn that skill.

Fears for the Season?

The fear that most of the squad look like they belong in Championship on a permanent basis. Mark Noble I'm looking at you.

Fixture You're Most Looking Forward To?

The Coventry away game. Enjoyed the rendition of 'Que sera sera/ what ever will be will be/ we're going to Coventry' at the last game of the season when we knew we were already down.

Got The Right Manager?

Hmm. Jury's still out. The Big Sam might free us from the Championship but it won't be pretty. He will bring a level of professionalism and team ethic which our previous manager clearly regarded as a flippant luxury.

By Christmas You'll Be?

Hopefully acclimatised to the Championship and settled enough to be challenging for a top six place.

Player you'd most like to sign?

Messi. But if we can't have him a proven goal scorer at this level would be a good start. Shane Long has been mentioned but not at £8 million.

Which player would you like to ditch?

The last of the 'Baby Bentleys'. I think the most of them have left with their minimal effort and £60,000 a week pay checks.

Opposition Hate Figure?

Anybody thing/place/person which has anything to do with Millwall. Circumstances don't matter, they'll always be the enemy. Not too keen on Norwich's Delia Smith either.

Tell us something we don't know about your club?

If we weren't so popular in the media we'd have been screwed years ago.

What won't happen this season?

Promotion as champions. Although I don't know anybody who thinks that is a viable target.

Favourite Chant?

Don't remember laughing as hard as I did when I first heard  Que sera sera/ what ever will be will be/ we're going to Coventry.

Where Will You Finish?

Anything lower than in or just under the playoff positions is a failure. I reckon we can manage a top six finish but the competition will be fiercer than ever.

Any Other News?

I wish Can't Control the best of luck in his future endeavours. Didn't think I'd be able to say that with a straight face.

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