This Stat Proves Arsenal's Form Is Down To Less Injuries

Fit and firing Gunners...
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Over the past few years, Arsenal have been plagued with injuries. Often the Gunners would sit atop the Premier League injury table, which seemed to be the closest they could get to a title in recent times.

Understandably, fans grew increasingly frustrated and questions were asked. Some say it's Arsène Wenger's reluctance to change his now outdated training methods that was a big part of the problem. Others suggested that the medical department itself needed freshening up. Whatever the problem was, it seems to be getting solved.

Arsenal brought in Shad Forsythe from the German national team and he seems to be making a difference where it matters: strengthening players during rehab and recovery. Players are coming back fitter and stronger - they are generally less susceptible to injuries. This, perhaps in conjunction with a loosening of Wenger's dogmatic grip, seems to have shifted the tide and changed Arsenal's fortunes for the better...


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