This Video Of Balotelli Will Make Liverpool Fans Sad

Something must be done between now and the end of the transfer window. Balotelli cannot be allowed to rot in the reserves.
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A manager who clearly bought beyond his own ability to man-manage, a goalscoring record worse than Angel Di Maria's, and a string of frustrating incidents which have left sections of the Anfield faithful seething - Mario Balotelli's time at Liverpool so far won't be remembered fondly by anybody.

A talented maverick at his best, moody and disruptive at his worst, when the Italian joined Liverpool everybody hoped it would be Rodgers' Di Canio moment. A chance for a rough diamond to prove his worth against the odds and achieve cult stardom. It just wasn't to be. 

Now, one of the most gifted young forwards in the game hits balls against an empty net, alone. This video posted to the player's instagram shows his frustrations at his current situation. 

There are two weeks left of the summer transfer window and Rodgers must make a decision. If Balotelli is to be given a second chance alongside Benteke and Firmino he must be treated like a first team player. If he's on the move, a buyer must be found and a deal struck, otherwise Liverpool could have one very expensive headache to deal with over the next few months. £110,000 a week, to be exact. 

Liverpool face an Arsenal side on Monday who've struggled in their opening games, leaking goals against West Ham and Crystal Palace. If Mario needs a confidence boost, now could be the time.