This Video Of Tasty Team Goals Proves That Chelsea Aren't Boring

'Bore off, haters...'
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Chelsea have been accused of being boring for a long time, but when Arsenal fans sung the 'boring, boring Chelsea' chant at the Emirates recently, the Premier League Champions took it to heart. Jose Mourinho has defended his side and says there's more to football than playing the beautiful game.

"Philosophy is a beautiful thing, but football is more than that", said Mourinho in his pre-match press conference on friday.

However, as gritty and defensive as Chelsea can be, they have scored some of the season's best team goals. The signing of ex-Arsenal man Cesc Fabregas was crucial to this shift in Chelsea's approach in the first half of the season. Their play was fast, intelligent and ruthless. A new side to a Mourinho team that points toward Chelsea being multi-dimensional, rather than just a 'negative' side.

Here's the pick of their team goals...


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