Three Hilarious Passes From Saturday's Matches - Featuring Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid

Can anyone offer explanation for these moments of madness?
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Passing; the essence of the beautiful game. Well at least, it should be. After some of these strange passes across Saturday's football matches we're no longer so sure.

1. Simon Mingnolet

After watching this over 50 times it's still not quite clear what the Liverpool 'keeper was trying to. What makes matters worse is that this was literally Liverpool's last kick of the game, capping another disappointing defeat in the most appropriate way possible.

2. James Rodriguez The silky Colombian is better known for his long-range strikes and creative attacking play than his defending skills, but this is unforgivable. Pepe got in on the act of errors by taking out his own 'keeper Navas.
3. Manuel Neuer.

The Bayern shot-shopper has built up a bit of a reputation for his flair outside of the goal, but this skill surely tops the lot. Never change Manuel. Never.