Cantona, Ronaldo & 8 Other Brilliant Manchester United Goal Celebrations

What is a brilliant goal without an equally cracking celebration? Here are the top ten celebrations exhibited by Man United players...
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Over the years I have seen many goals scored by Manchester United players, most of which I have most likely forgotten because they are run of the mill, or just because they were very far in the past. But some goals stick with me, sometimes because of the brilliance of them, and sometimes because of the brilliance of the celebrations that follow, or sometimes even both. Here are the top ten goals celebrations of all time by Manchester United players.

Please note, by the way, I am only 18, and have been watching Manchester United since about 2003, so I have probably missed some good or even great celebrations. If you think I have, feel free to leave a comment on this article with a link to the celebration.

10: Rooney v Manchester City (Carling Cup) 

This goal was a vital goal to make sure that we beat Man City to go through to the Carling Cup final back in 2010, and what made it better was the fact that we got to see Rooney attempt a ‘cartwheel’, overall it was a good celebration.

9: Ronaldo v Arsenal 

This brilliant free kick by Ronaldo, mixed with his cockiness and the jubilation felt by both him and the fans made this celebration brilliant

8: Ronaldo v Tottenham

This is more cockiness and brilliance from Ronaldo, making Balotelli’s celebration v Germany look boring, they essentially do the same thing, but Ronaldo’s is much cooler

7: Nani v Barcelona

I know this is a friendly, but it’s still a great celebration.


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6: Nani v Aston Villa 

5: Ronaldo v Portsmouth 

Like the goal v Arsenal, the goal and the celebration make each one look better, and this is absolute genius, if you wanted to show someone Ronaldo’s brilliance in his time at Manchester United in one clip, this is it

4: Cantona v Sunderland 

Just amazing, no more really needs to be said, just watch it if you haven’t already. Pure Genius.

3: Van Persie v Stoke 

This goal brought Robin van Persie’s baron run to an end, and it also showed why Fergie kept picking him, even though he wasn’t scoring. And the celebration really explains both those things, as it shows van Persie’s relief at finally scoring and gratitude to Fergie.

2: Rooney v Manchester City (Premier League)

I’ll be perfectly honest, this isn’t a great celebration on its own, but the goal, the context of it all, and the opposition easily makes this, in my opinion, the second best celebration I have seen at Manchester United, and it’s the best goal I have seen by a Manchester United player.

1: Van Nistelrooy v Arsenal 

For me, this is like the Van Persie goal against Stoke, and Rooney’s overhead kick v Manchester City, as it combines the penalty, the relief, the jubilation, the contextual significance and the sheer brilliance of both these goals and celebrations, and for that reason it is my number one celebration.