Tottenham Fans, What Were They Thinking With This Anti Arsenal Song?!

It's well worth a watch
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Football fans can produce some of the wittiest retorts you'll ever hear, and often when it's reactionary or imaginative, chants and songs can be hilarious and really add to rivalries and atmospheres. 

Things like Manchester City turning around the Man United chant 'this is how it feels to be city, this is how it feels to be small' inspired by the Inspiral Carpets song, and singing, 'this is how it feels to be small, you sign Phil Jones, we sign Kun Aguero'. 

There's plenty of great examples, when it tends to go wrong is when it's planned out, it's parody or it's just an all round terrible idea. Well Tottenham fans have produced a song about Arsenal and the North London rivalry ahead of the derby, and it's to the tune of Amy Winehouse's rehab. It's called 'They tried to make me support Arsenal', and you have to watch to believe it.