Twenty20 World Cup: England v Afghanistan As It Happened.

England begin their World Twenty20 with a match against the rest of the world's second team; Afghanistan.
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18:02 The debate about whether teams like this deserve a spot at the top table will continue. From an England point of view, it was a solid work out for the challenges to come.

18:00 It is all over. Gubadin twists once too often and Morgan has a long wait till it comes down into his hands on the edge of the circle. Afghanistan all out for 80 after 17.2 with Gulbadin the only man in double figures (44).

17:56 Gulbadin having fun, shuffling a couple of yards wide of the off stump before whacking the ball back to the legside boundary then takes a single to retain strike.

17:52 Gulbadin whacks a four off Finn, thanks to a bad bounce and some Afghan fielding from Bairstow

17:48 Shapoor gets in on the act with a six to push them past the all time low. Swann gets his revenge as he traps him LBW next ball. 70-9

17:45 Gulbadin moves to 35 with back to back sixes. 64-8- so they look like beating the record low.

17:41 The run rate required is 24.9. Gulbodin is turning down singles to keep the strike.

17:40 50-8 after 14 overs

17:39 An outside edge over slip goes for four off Broad

17:38 Wright dug them all in short to peg Shapoor Zadran back with a solitary wide pushing the score to 45-8 after 13 overs

17:34 Batting hero Luke Wright gets a turn with the ball

17:32 Gulbadin sweeps a six off the final ball to make it 16 off the over. 44-8 from 12 overs.

17:30 The second and third boundaries of the innings come from the bat of Gulbadin off Swann

17:28 Great hustle from Buttler to save a boundary. England showing a good attitude. 28-8 off 11 overs.

17-26 A maiden from Swann. 26-8

17:24 67 is the lowest ever T20 international score. If we don't get that record, I want heads to roll.

17:22 WICKET Patel tosses one up, Dawlat swings for the fences and Kieswetter stumps him smartly. 26-8 after nine overs

17:19 This is a mismatch- so lets get these bums out of here. Patel clea bowls Nabi. 26-7

17:16 WICKET. Softly, softly catchy monkey. Shenwari's reverse sweep finds Finn at deep point. 25-6

17:15 Swann on at the other end. Although I can see the logic, I think most England fans would prefer to see us bruatlise the oppostion with bouncers.

17:14 You could see the batsmen relax a little when the spinner Patel came on. Three singles take the score to 25-5.

17:11 WICKET. England rubbing in this 'we're good at fielding' thing. Stanikzai hooks and Bairstow sprints and dives to take a superb catch in front of him at third man. 22-5 and I expect we may see a few more bouncers.

17:09 Karim Sadiq out as England show them how this international fielding works. Buttler blocked a well timed shot at square leg and tossed it straight back for his skipper to whip the bail off. 22-4

17:05 Despite a couple of unconvincing shots, the batsmen survive a Finn over 22-3

1701 The skipper looks smug after taking a wicket in his first over. Perfect warm up so far. 17-3 after four.

16:59 WICKET: Mangal hits one high up his bat and puts it straight into the hands of the bowler. Mangal out for 8 and Afghanistan rocking at 14-3

16:58 Broad brings himself on

16:57 Afghans move to 12-2 after three overs.

16:54 As in previous games against the big boys, Afghanistan have struggled against pace.  Nawroz finally gets their first boundary with an earthy swing through the covers.

16:51 Afghanistan 4-2 after two. England really need to make a statement here. Don't let them off the hook-crush them.

16:48 Karim Safiq helmets a short one to first slip. This is turning into an ordeal for the minnows as England turn the screw

16:46 KING DUCK. Shafiqullah lofted it up like it was catching practice and sub Bopara pushed to the front of the queue. Easy

16:45 Shafiqullah in to face the first ball from Dernbach

16:43 WICKET Shahzad skies one off Finn, and skipper Broad steps in to take a simple catch. Afghanistan 2-1

16:27 So close. Two off the last ball leaves Wright stranded on 99 and England post a healthy 196 for 5

16:24 WICKET Bairstow caught by Sadiq. The Batsmen crossed so Luke Wright (97) will have a shot at a century

16:24 Bairstow takes a single to give Wright a crack at a century. Another single next ball.

16:22 32 off the over as Luke Wright went caveman. 187-4 with one over remaining.

16:18 The fielder takes a catch then steps back onto the boundary rope. He sheepishly tries to chuck it back quickly, but he's been sussed. Six runs.

16:16 Jonny Bairstow launches a no ball over the cover boundary for 6. No fear on his T20 world cup bow.

16:15  WICKET- Buttler LBW bowled Dawlatzai for 15 off 7 balls.

16:12 New batsman Jos Buttler knocks one up in the air and is ready to head for the pavilion then remembers who he's playing. Awful dropped catch and they are made to pay. England 155-3 after 18 overs

16:08 WICKET. Morgan looks to push the pace and is caught by Mangal. You heard right folks, Afghanistan held a catch. 141-3

16:07 Morgan hits a four over cover off a no ball. From the resulting free hit, he edges a catch to third man which is predictably dropped by Shapoor.

16:03 Morgan finally gets hold of Nabi and hits a six and a reverse sweep four. The latter helped by some Keystone Cops fielding. He then rubs it in with another six down the ground and another one bounce four helped over the rope by the hapless Karim Sadiq. 131 for 2 off 16

16:00 Dawlat Zadran back on and England move to 109 for 2 after 15.

15:55 Another cagey over from Nabi. 105-2

15:52 Wright drags one legside for 4 to move the score to 99-2 after 13 overs. Morgan needs to open up now.

15:50 A single. 50 to Luke Wright

15:49 Luke Wright puts one into the stands to move to 49.

15:49 84-2 Mohammad Nabi keeping the batsmen bogged down with some variation

15:48 Afghanistan never seem to get anywhere near the stumps when going for the run out.

15:44 Time for Eoin Morgan to start punishing these spinners. 79-2 off 11 overs

15:42 England 74-2 off ten

15:40 Wright drove down the wicket, the bowler Karim mis-fielded and the ball was deflected onto the stumps with Hales out of his crease.

15:38 Hales out due to a combination of bad luck and (if we're being picky) poor fielding. 69-2

15:37 69 -1 after nine overs

15:36 Luke Wright is lucky when he skies one that evades the fielders then follows it up with on that bounces on the rope.

15:33 First time we've heard the moromic Barmy Army Chant over the constant freestyle jazz band. 60 for 1 after eight overs

15:30 Off spinner Sami Shenwari held back the flood there with an over Graeme Swann will have enjoyed  56-1

15:27 15 off Izatullah Dawlatzai's first over. Wright and Hales settling in 52-1

15:22 A single,  a drive for four from Wright then a towering six over the bowler put the English on track. 38-1 after five overs.

15:18 Zadran sends one down that beats everyone to go for a boundary then Hales dispatches his next two efforts for 4- this is more like it

15:17 Dawlat Zadran responds with two beautiful deliveries that beat the batsman through the gate then past the outside edge. England 15-1 after 4 overs

15:14 Wright finally gets hold of one and powers it for 4

15:13 A couple of decent blocks by the much maligned (mainly by me) Afghan fielders restrict England to a single and a boundary off the third over. 10-1

15:07 Poor Afghan fiedling saves Hales. Nawroz missed an easy shot at the stumps to allow the single. England 5-1 after 2 overs

15:05 Hales nicks one just over the slip for 4 to get England on the board.

15:04 Luke Wright next man in.

15:03 WICKET; Kieswetter plays on the final ball of the first over. England 0 for 0.

15:00 Zero bounce on the first delivery. The second also goes through to the wicket keeper, then Kieswetter plays a straight bat at the third

14:59 Kieswetter and Alex Hales on the way out to the middle. They can expect a hot reception from Afghan quickie Shapoor Zadran

14:55 Anyone can luck out and hit ten decent shots in a row. The clearest difference between the top class teams and the others is in the field. Those who say that Afghanistan would have run India close if they had not dropped their catches seem to ignore the fact that taking catches requires practice and big time experience.

14:52 Afghanistan have decent quick bowlers, but their fielding is below pub team level

14:49 England team Craig Kieswetter, Alex Hales, Luke Wright, Eoin Morgan, Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler, Samit Patel, Stuart Broad (capt), Graeme Swann, Steven Finn, Jade Dernbach.

Briggs and Bresnan miss out

14:46 New Zealand showed the way earlier as thye steamrollered Bangladesh. Anything less than a dominant win and the England team should be led one by one to a room containing a glass of port and a revolver.

14:41 Afghanistan have won the toss and (surprise,surprise) opted to bowl

14.02: England should cruise to victory against Afghanistan this afternoon, but have form when it comes to slipping up against minnows in this format.

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