Twitter Reacts To Chelsea 'Keeper Affair Claims

Courtois can't keep his hands to himself...
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Chelsea 'keeper Thibaut Courtois has been accused of having an affair by 20-year-old Belgian model Emily Vanhoutte.

Vanhoutte, who is a Miss Belgium hopeful, has said, "I would never do anything to start an affair with a man who cheats on his girlfriend. I did not know he had a girlfriend and led a double life.

"He had seen me at a beauty pageant and sent me a message through Facebook. So we got talking, and one thing led to another.

"It took months before we arranged to meet up properly, and until then there was no mention about Marta (Dominguez).

"He’d taken the initiative, after all, so I assumed that he was single. Maybe naive of me, but if I'm in a relationship, I do not even talk to other men." 

This isn't the first time Courtois has been accused of cheating. He was also accused of sleeping with his ex-teammate Kevin de Bruyne's then girlfriend Caroline Lijnen last year.

Twitter loves a scandal and here's how it reacted...


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