Video: Crowd Trouble Leads To Three Arrests At Man Utd Vs Man City (U21s)

It doesn't matter what age group it is, it's still a heated affair...
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Old Trafford was the venue for the U21 Manchester Derby last night and Man Utd crushed their rivals Man City 4-0. However, the football on show was overshadowed by crowd trouble. The scuffles that broke out in the stands had to be broken up by police and led to three arrests.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that one adult and two juveniles were taken into custody. They will now review cctv footage and perhaps mobile footage like the video below to get further information and a clearer picture of what happened.

The first punches were thrown with about a quarter of an hour left as City were trailing 3-0. The fans, mainly young, took advantage of free entry and marred the game. A portion of the seemingly impressive 17,000 attendance, showing promising interest in the youth league, obviously only had one thing in their minds: violence.

It was a great shame to see and may have repercussions, thus effecting future crowd allowances at youth games.