Aston Villa: Delph Looks Vieira-Esque But Okore Will Be A Massive Loss

Thank christ we finally managed a clean sheet, now to hold onto Delph...
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They say miracles do not happen anymore but the Villa have kept a clean sheet.

Even the most unhygienic of single men's bedrooms have seen more clean sheets than the Villa in the last year.

The incredible feat this weekend was the first time we have not conceded in 27 games.

And it only happened due to an incredible performance by Brad Guzan.

He is the only member of our defence who does not drop a clanger every game and is proving to be a game winning keeper.

Is it any wonder that Guzan is bald as a coot, he must have pulled all his hair out with the keystone cops defending in front of him in that run of 27 games.

It was Ciaran Clark's turn to blunder this time but Guzan saved the penalty and cleared up his defender's mess.

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Jules Okore looked a beast in his brief spell in defence and his season ending injury is a massive blow because he has the speed, power, bravery and daft grin to be a star in the Premier League.

Our other potential global star Benteke limped off after slipping over and Villa fans across the land collectively shat themselves.

If the unplayable Belgian becomes a long term injury then we are in trouble because he is the catalyst of so much up front.

Tall guys Kozak and Helenius up front will not terrify defences like Benteke does but our new big nosed striker from Lazio bagged a winning goal so his stats are that of a world beater already.

Again Fabian Delph had a blinder in the middle of the park, well all over the park, he can look Patrick Vieraesque at times and is continuing his form from the back end of last season. It wont be long before the mega-rich vultures start to circle and try to buy him, probably to bench him, but at the moment he is a joy to watch.

However, despite all the bright spots including Bacuna who had a great game against Norwich, it will be a stretch to think we are going to beat Spurs in the cup and beat moneybags Man City in the week.

Hopefully Spurs put out a dud side and Man City take their eye off the ball after tonking Man Utd, because money talks and they both have spent a lot more than us so expect Mr Guzan to be a busy man this week again.