Watch The Belgian Starlet Liverpool Want To Replace Stevie Gerrard

Can't wait until Scousers try to fit "Youri Tielemans" into a chant.
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It was back in October last year when we ear-marked Anderlecht's Youri Tielemans as someone who'd be brilliant in the Premier League, linking him with a Spurs side that could've desperately done with his poise, and now it's Liverpool who - according to the Metro - lead the charge to sign the terrific seventeen-year-old midfielder.

Tall, strong, fast and with a superbly keen eye for a defence splitting pass, Rodgers is probably seeing the Belgian man as a long-term successor to ageing behemoth Steven Gerrard - and we couldn't agree more.

Snap him up now before his price skyrockets, mate.


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