Watch Charlie Adam Pull Off Wrestling Move On Alexis Sanchez

The ref should have given a one-two-three count.
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Vine: Charlie Adam Puts Arsenal Star Alexis Sanchez Into Sleeper Hold

Arsenal are pretty used to getting manhandled when they face Stoke but this moment from Charlie Adam might have seen the Potters reach the zenith of their bullying ways.

During Stoke's 3-2 win over Arsenal, Charlie Adam and Alexis Sanchez competed for a ball and the Scottish midfielder saw fit to employ tactics normally only seen in the squared circle of a wrestling ring. Pulling a player around is nothing new, yet Adam appears to administer some sort of choke-hold on the Chilean.

It reminded us of Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Dream sleeper hold. Has Adam got a career in the WWE to look forward to when he hangs up his boots?


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